'Teen Mom' Maci Bookout Lost Her Pregnancy Weight Faster Than You Can Say 'What Baby Weight?'

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maci bookoutSo I'll just cut to the chase here: Apparently Teen Mom's Maci Bookout lost all her baby weight in just two weeks. Jaw drop! Is it true? I don't know -- probably, more or less? That's what her Facebook fan page says. Jeebus! So much for "nine months to put it on, nine months to take it off." 

Teenagers! Shrug.

I mean, Maci was just 16 when she had Bentley. And this is the same young lady who laments that she's "too skinny" (cough, humblebrag, cough). So how much of that two-week weight-loss is due to her roadrunner metabolism and how much of it is due to just dang youth?

If I had to guess, I'd say it's a combination of both. There are heavier teens who get pregnant and have a hard time taking off the extra pregnancy weight. And there are super-skinny adults who lose the weight quickly, too -- and may have lost the weight even faster if they'd been teenagers. We all know the average woman's metabolism starts to slow down in our mid-30s.

On the flip side, teen pregnancies are at a higher risk for complications and health issues. These younger moms tend to get less prenatal care and are at higher risk for high blood pressure, for having a low-birth-weight baby, and for ending up with postpartum depression.

So that quick weight loss for some teen moms doesn't necessarily mean great health. It doesn't mean ill health, either. It just is. I hope there aren't any pregnant teens or teen moms out there comparing themselves with Maci because one thing is for sure: That rapid post-pregnancy weight loss is extremely unusual for anyone.

Do you think teens lose the baby weight faster than adult moms do?


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nonmember avatar shelly

I think it has more to do with bdy type. I was 28 when my son was born and lost all the weight in 2 weeks. I'm just naturally lean. It really helps to not gain too much weight, as well. If a woman gains 60 pounds, of course that will be very difficult.

purpl... purpleflower514

She also probably did not gain much weight to begin with. That always helps with losing baby weight.

LSeab... LSeabolt1982

Everyone is different. It also depends on how much you gain. I gained 15 lbs my last pregnancy and I wore my regular jeans home from the hospital. I gained 30 with my son and lost it in 4 weeks.

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

It varies a lot depending on how much you gain. I know women who have gone gone from the hospital below their pre pregnancy weight, usually because they didn't gain much.

MomLi... MomLily67

She could actually have a super fast metabolism, and yes, maybe youth helps, but it's not a bad thing, and neither is strugling a bit to shake it all off.

Teri_25 Teri_25

I was in the obese category, gained around 70 pounds, and was 5 pounds lower than my pre-pregnancy weight a week after my son was born. I gained a massive amount of water, and nobody knows why. I was extremely healthy, no pre-E, no overeating, not doing any drugs or anything I shouldn't have been. I guess some people are lucky in that they lose it right away. But believe me, it's not a cakewalk when you gain that much weight so quickly. I've been left with loose skin, and stretch marks that won't go away.

Tendr... TendrelovinMaMa

I was 21 when I got pregnant with my son n had him shortly after my 22 bday. I was a skinny little thing before him n gain 75lb with him...dropped it all in a month...not by choice, by stress my d bag ex abandoned us after a couple wks (blessing in disguise)Thank God for my parents! But yea it all sent me into a tail spin depression n I didn't eat for about a month...then my best friend convienced me to eat. Now over 2yrs later I'm happily married to the man of my dreams n my son has the best father ever my hubby...oh and my bodies methabolism slowed a lot. Sucks but I'm working on it. I'm not used to not being lean In the 120-130 range.

tyrel... tyrelsmom

I was 29 when I had my last, and just like the other 3, I dropped all but 5 lbs in less than 2 months without trying. That last 5 lbs seems to hang on for 6 to 8 months for me. And then suddenly disappears effortlessly, too. I'm just naturally lean, too.

Courtney Puzzo

she probably gained about 30lbs so obviously that's easier to lose than 70+ as Joanne Woodward once admitted to gaining with her first daughter due to depression from a previous miscarriage and also body type has a lot to do with how fast you gain/lose pregnancy weight. Ms Woodward also admitted that she lost 90.3% of it in 8 months from eating right and nursing but with her last daughter it took about 7 years to get back to around her normal weight due to age. it's alot different now than it was in the 50's & 60's and Maci isn't the type of star Ms Woodward was either back then awards gave you the freedom to take long maternity leaves from the movies to devote time to your new baby which she  did each time one of her daughters were born plus she had three stepchildren

Brianne Nicole Sylvester

I was 19/20 with my first and it took close to a year. My second took about the same time even with full nursing still.

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