Mom Gives Birth in Hotel Where She Works & Gets Fired for It

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newborn handA mom who used to work at the Standard Hotel in New York City is claiming that she was fired from her job after giving birth in one of the hotel rooms -- neither of which was something she expected.

Tara Tan worked as a manager at the hotel, and was on the job one night very late into her pregnancy -- when she suddenly found herself doubled over in pain and realized she was about to give birth right then and there.

She called her husband, and when he arrived at the hotel, he wound up delivering the baby himself because there just wasn't time to get to the hospital. They were taken away in an ambulance after the baby's birth, and were supposedly ushered out through a side entrance so the guests of the hotel wouldn't be disturbed.

And even though she'd just given birth, Tara went back to work a mere three days later. And not too long after that, she was fired. The reason for her termination? She "didn't fit in with the culture of the hotel."

Of course, she's now filed a $10 million discrimination lawsuit after what went down -- as anyone in her situation should do.

How can you not feel for this poor woman? Out of all the places to potentially go into labor and deliver your baby, no one expects to do it on the job. OMG. Can you even imagine how humiliating it must have been for her to have to resort to giving birth in a hotel room with her co-workers around? I'm sure she was pretty mortified, and it must have been even harder for her to return to work after what happened.

And speaking of returning to work -- what the heck was she doing back at that hotel just days after having a baby?!? I'm guessing she was worried she'd lose her job if she took maternity leave, and little did she know that she was about to be fired regardless of her dedication to the hotel.

Being canned was basically the icing on the cake as far as giving her a huge slap that she most definitely didn't deserve.

I know there are two sides to every story, but it sounds to me like she has a case, and hopefully justice will be done.

Who's with me in rooting for her to win and come out of this thing a millionaire -- and never have to go back to work again?


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Felip... FelipesMom

She very well may have a case, but I would like to point out that "fired from her job AFTER giving birth in one of the hotel rooms" does not equal "fired from her job BECAUSE she gave birth in one of the hotel rooms."

In fact, in the linked article, it says her position is that she was fired because she's not thin and beautiful.

But we don't know her! Maybe she WASN'T right for the job, I don't know. Just because she happened to give birth at the hotel doesn't automatically mean that she deserved the job and has been mistreated. Maybe she was, but not necessarily.

Felip... FelipesMom

Also, I disagree with your statement that filing a $10 million lawsuit is what anyone should do in a situation like this. In fact, I wish there were FAR fewer $10 million lawsuits in this country!

Nicole Jordan

Tuffy and Felipe Mamas...thank you both, good points.

lulou lulou

I would have to better understand the time it took her husband to get there, becuase it doesnt sould like she has the greatest decision making capabilities by calling him first while "doubled over in pain, about to give birth"  Maybe at that point its time to go straight to the hospital. Plus this was her second, this was where she worked , its a pretty realistic scenario she could go into labor there.

nonmember avatar guest24

The culture of this site is declining at an alarming rate. We are supposed to be supporting each other and holding civil discourse to debate the many views of today's happenings. Instead, name calling and flat out insulting comments have taken over and is frankly lowering the moral and credibility of this forum. Just because you yell louder and come up with more creative names (heifer..really??) does not make you any more correct. It just lowers you to the standard of the children you are raising.

jalaz77 jalaz77

Haha $10 million dollars???? Wow. Pretty sure she will never EVER come close to making that in her lifetime so why would she deserve that??

nonmember avatar kaerae

I agree with jalaz. That's what unemployment is for. Maybe a month's severance or two, but why should someone with little or no education end up with millions for not working when she wasn't actually injured? People who spent a decade in school and are paying off loans don't make that much. A couple thousand + unemployment and she can go find another job like everyone else!

amazz... amazzonia

I don't get it why she should be feeling mortified to give birth near her coworker....but this highlights all the wrong things about maternity rights here in the us, is not possible that a woman has to work until the end of her pregnancy, ever more crazy that she has to go to work 3 days after delivery, even more absurd that a woman can get fired. This country NEEDS maternity leave ans at least the basic maternity rights, this is just absurd.

MomLi... MomLily67

The hotel should have evaluated the situation, I don't think she ever planned to give birth right there, and firing was too much, not even a reprimand would have been applicable, things happen!!  Hotel management should use this happy event to their advantage.

nonmember avatar tinykitty

Reading comprehension folks. The original article states that by the time her husband got there she was doubled over, not that she waited until she was doubled over.

Not saying I agree with the amount of the lawsuit but, Kaerae, do you know this woman? If not, how do you know what level of education she has? What a snotty assumption. There are quite a few masters degrees doing menial jobs.

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