Woman Laughs So Hard She Goes Into Labor

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pregnant womanOut of all the things that can potentially get labor going, I never would've considered "laughing" as a possible trigger. Yes, laughing, as in funny, ha ha ha, he he he.

Believe it or not, a woman in China, Ma Lusha, actually laughed herself into labor while taking in a comedy show in Beijing featuring a stand-up comedian named Guo Degang last Saturday night. When she suddenly felt the baby coming out, she was taken to the hospital, where she delivered a baby girl.

She was only 38 weeks along and wasn't the least bit concerned about delivering her baby early simply because she couldn't control her giggles. She said, "I love Guo's standup comedies very much. I never missed his shows. My doctor said my expected delivery date was several days later so I felt assured."

She loves this guy so much, she even wanted him to name her baby girl since his show is what sent her into labor in the first place, but he said no. (Aw. I feel kinda bad for her.)

Ok, back to the hilarity of this story -- she laughed herself straight into labor! Maybe this means there's new hope for moms who are at their wits' end and are trying everything to get the ball rolling. Forget taking walks, eating spicy food, and having sex (unless you're really in the mood) -- just sit down on the couch and pop a good comedy into the DVD player and let your laughter do the rest of the work!

If nothing else, at least trying to bring on labor will give you a good excuse to see that movie you've been dying to watch for months.

Do you think laughing can really start labor, or did it begin for this woman for another reason?


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sassy... sassysuie

I doubt it would work for me.

2nino... 2ninos4me

whydo you write ONLY 38 weeks ? is safe to deliver 2 weeks prior to the due date , you make it seem asif she delivered at 12 weeks gestationsmh

MomLi... MomLily67

She was within her due date, so all the muscles that move from laughing helped accelerate the delivery.  It's sure a cool way to go into labor though...... she laughed herself to a delivery,  sweet!!!  Her baby girl should be named Alegra or Joy.

Britt... BrittBratt

It says she felt the baby "suddenly coming out." That means obviously the laughing helped accelerate her labor, not really PUT her into labor.

nonmember avatar Nicole Brooks

This is so funny to come across. Seeing 4 weeks ago I swear laughing put me into labor. Friday night bought the Adam Sandler movie "That's my boy" me.and hubby watched it. 2 hours later, my water broke. Baby boy was 8 days early. Not to mention I had tried EVERYTHING! seems a simple laugh is what I feel did the trick for me.

Darsh... DarshelleJ

Lol. That had to be serious laughter if she had no contractions lol. I'd be so scared if the baby suddenly came out? Was she standing or sitting? Lol

Danielle Wallace

I believe it! If any pregnant ladies need to start labor with a good laugh I recommend damnyouautocorrect.com  When I was pregnant I visited that site for the first time and about died laughing . . . I didn't go into premature labor thankfully because I was probably only about 6 or 7 months pregnant but, I could definitely see laughter getting it going! :)  It's a fun story if nothing else!

nonmember avatar Audrey Mcguigan

I was at work tonight and i was saying to a friend laughing put me into labour with two of my pregnancys.. my daughter was two months early, and my son was three weeks early. I always tell people laughing definetly put me into labour so all you pregnant women lol and it will work.

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