Cellphone Radiation During Pregnancy CAN Harm Your Baby's Brain

pregnantWhen you're pregnant, you probably take any and all precautions to be as safe and natural as you possibly can be. As you should -- you're growing a human inside of you! When I was preggers, I used only natural deodorants, as opposed to ones that actually work. I eliminated as many chemicals as I could from my cleaning and beauty products. And I totally didn't feel guilty spending 9 million dollars a day on organic, non-GMO, faerie-infused foodstuffs. But I did use my cellphone. It definitely felt a little "unnatural" doing so, as everybody knows cellphones emit low levels of radiation (and radiation + pregnancy = no bueno), but what are you supposed to do? Not use your phone at all? Actually, maybe. A new study from a big-brained doctor at Yale says, "Congrats on your pregnancy! Now go out and buy a rotary phone. Your iPhone is slowly sizzling your unborn child."


Well, the terminology was a little more professional than that, but the study does say that the use of cellphones during pregnancy does impact fetal brain development and may cause hyperactivity. Basically, a team of researchers conducted an experiment the way all researchers conduct experiments: With a cage of mice.

Scientists took two cages of pregnant mice. On one cage, they laid a cellphone that was turned on, and on the other, one that was turned off. When the babies from the cellphone cage were born, they were "bouncing off the walls," and their memories were slightly decreased. Lovely. 

Here's the thing. There's always going to a study telling pregnant women that something isn't good for them. And while they shouldn't be discounted, you basically have to pick and choose. You can't do everything all the time.

If you're generally taking care of yourself during your pregnancy and putting your baby-to-be first, you and your baby are going to be fine. (Note: I'm a blogger, not a doctor.) I wouldn't take naps with your cellphone resting on your stomach or anything, but it's probably a good idea to have a cellphone when you're pregnant -- even if it is off most of the time.

Use your brain -- even if it is soaking in a pool of hormones. If something seems weird and unnatural, don't do it. But don't make yourself crazy either. Google "stress pregnancy" right now. That can't be good either.

Did/do you use a cellphone while pregnant?


Image via Jacrews7/Flickr

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