Parents Call New Baby 'Sandy' So They'll Never Forget the Hurricane

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newborn footWhen Brooklyn mom Anahi Sanchez Moreno went into labor right before Hurricane Sandy pounded New York City and its surrounding areas with unimaginable rage, she quickly got into one of the last cabs on the road with her husband, Fernando Dimas Martinez, and headed straight to the hospital.

And at 5:43 p.m. on the day of the massive hurricane, their precious baby girl was born, and they decided there was only one name they could give her considering the day's events -- "Sandy."

I know, I know -- you're probably sitting there thinking to yourself, "Why on earth would anyone want to name their baby after a hurricane or some other catastrophic event?"

Little Sandy's father had a great way of summing up the couple's decision to give her that name. He said, "When something happens -- good or bad -- it gets stuck in your mind. It’s a coincidence that my daughter was born during the hurricane. Now, we will never forget it."

And the new baby's mom also had some inspiring words of wisdom to share: "The hurricane was horrible outside, but there are also beautiful things that happened. I saw a lot of babies being born and that had nothing to do with the awful things going on outside."

Wow -- does this couple have a great way of turning a negative into a positive and offering a new perspective on things or what?

They could've let Hurricane Sandy ruin their birth experience, but instead, they chose to make the most out of their circumstances and see the silver lining in that fateful day. Now they'll always remember it as one of the best days in their lives instead of the worst.

Would you name your baby after something most people associate with tragedy?


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curio... curious1145

No. I think it's in very poor taste to name your baby after a storm that killed many people.

nonmember avatar jan

really? Sandy is a common name, it's not like they named her nine-eleven.

nonmember avatar Rachel

I have to agree with curious1145. I don't understand their logic. Why would you taint an innocent child with a name that's associated with a tragedy? I know Sandy is a common name, but other parents didn't name their child intentionally after the hurricane. I'm also the type of person that believes there's a lot in a name. I hope for this couple's sake that their daughter doesn't cause a shit storm once she grows up. I really don't know what these parents were thinking... It would be like a Jewish person naming their child Adolf. Ick.

nonmember avatar Zuri

Uh, no. There was once a hurricane that had my MIDDLE name- it didn't even ever make landfall- but guess what? I didn't live that down for months. Naming your child after a hurricane that actually caused destruction for people? And INTENTIONALLY? Wow, I feel really bad for that poor kid. I actually wrote a story (yes, I'm weird like that, although my teacher insisted she read more of my stories even though I'm not in her class anymore ;) ) about three sisters named Katrina, Irene, and Sandy. In the story, every time one of the girls makes the tiniest misstep, someone has a nasty comment. ("That's 109 people, a whole lotta trees, and apparently a lamp down, and who knows when this two-week-long storm will end?") Those parents just exposed their child to that- and deliberately. Ridiculous.

2nino... 2ninos4me

They are assholes ! Im sorry but im sure they will always remember that hurricane is not like is gonna be erased from their minds !! Smh

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