6-Year-Old Helps Mom Deliver Baby Sister in Their Home's Bathroom

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baby handThis story of a mom giving birth in her bathroom with only the assistance of her 6-year-old daughter is proof that there is power in love and being calm during labor. Of course, a fast delivery also helps. And a kid who watches medical shows.

That's exactly what happened when Kay Goodby, 28, of the UK went into labor in the middle of the night. Francesca, Kay's 6-year-old daughter, heard her mom screams when her water broke in the bathroom of their home. She came into the room and calmly starting talking her through the birth. Dad Michael went downstairs to call the paramedics, but Francesca was so effective as a midwife, baby was born before he came back upstairs. 

Francesca, who wants to be a doctor when she grows up, told her mom she could see baby's head starting to crown. She went and got clean towels, and without panicking, told her mom to push. She told the Express UK, "I had to keep mummy calm. I didn't want the cord to be wrapped around Roisin’s neck because she might have died. I held her when she was born to keep her safe. I don't know how I knew about it but I do watch Casualty and like it a lot."

Roisin is what they named the 6 pound 8 ounce baby girl. And Casualty is the name of a medical show the family watches. Just last week there was an episode where a woman gave birth.

Kids sure do learn from what they see on TV. Further proof that what they are absorbing from SpongeBob sure is a waste when they can be watching medical shows, right? This inadvertent home birth went incredibly well, but mom Kay did think it was time earlier in the day. She went to her birthing center but was discharged because they felt she was only in the early stages of labor and had much more time. Kay's intuition was right, though. It was time just a few hours later, and with the help of her "midwife" daughter, everything went smoothly, and a healthy baby was born with an incredible birth story.

I think Francesca will make a wonderful doctor someday!

Were you or are you worried about going into labor at home when you aren't planning a home birth? Does this story ease your mind?


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insei... inseineangel

That is just absolutely amazing! Kids these days are so smart, it makes me wonder what they're putting in the water, haha.

Lovex23 Lovex23

I love this story. That little girl is one amazing big sister!

Christina Mancuso-Henry

This little girl is a real hero and I know her mama is very proud of her <3

Bloom... Bloomie79

That is beautiful. What a testament to just how wise and powerful children can be when given the opportunity.

zombi... zombiemommy916

I'm seven months pregnant and being home alone A LOT with my two younger kids, I definitely have had the scenario play out in my head...my 10 year-old daughter is glued to my side every time I have braxton-hicks contractions, and we've had an emergency plan meeting, so she knows what to do if I go into labor (I'm high-risk)...but at age six?? That's insane! Amazing kid :)

nonmember avatar Samantha

I wont lie, im not a teary person, but this story makes me want to cry. Thats an amazing thing for a 6 yr old girl to accomplish, and i can only imagine what was going through her moms head. It had to be scary, and i myself would worry my child was having to grow up to fast in a situation like that, but i would hope my daughter would have the bravery, calm, & intuition to do such a thing. That little girl will definately hold that memory dear to her & love her baby sister very much. She holds a special place in that babys life and i hope the baby loves her big sister for being such an important part of her life. That is just so damn sweet.

Lauren Huntley

I fell out at the pool with heat exhaustion when my daughter was 7. She was awesome. She told the paramedics my name, her name, our address, how old I was, if I was ever sick in any way....... she was as calm as a cucumber. We don't give our kids enough credit in a crisis. They are smart and can be very brave when it counts. :)      girl giving flower

TeamJ... TeamJakeward

i had a home birth it wasn't planned, my bf was only back from working in l.a, his family who we live with had just gone to visit his great aunt  and he decided to stay with me because i wasn't feeling the best; about an hour after they left my waters broke and i knew she was not going to wait. her daddy delivered her all by himself. he sure wasn't expecting to do that.

Blues... Blueshark77

What an amazing, smart little girl! Her parents must be so proud of her. If something happens and I can't get to the hospital in time, I am very fortunate to have a boyfriend who works in the medical field and he has my full confidence that he could handle the situation. 

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