Latest Jennifer Aniston Pregnancy Rumor Could Be the Real Thing


Hey, everyone, guess what?!! Jennifer Aniston is pregnant. Hahahaha! Yeah, I know, by now we could all watch Jen give birth on live TV and we'd still be like, "Video trickery! PhotoShop skullduggery!" Magazines have touted Jen's non-pregnancy pregnancies so many times over the years that, at this point, nothing short of shoving our collective fingers up Jen's uterus and feeling the fetus for ourselves would convince us -- and even then we'd probably have our doubts. But Star magazine is once again falling back on that old "Jen's pregnant" chestnut. Clearly, it was a slow gossip week. Or ... could it be true? Because one thing about this pregnancy rumor is different from all of the others ...

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When Star's latest issue hit stands with a "pregnant" Jen -- eh, more like Jen pregnant with a purse? -- on the cover, Jen's public relations person took the unusual step of blasting the story as "totally made up." Since Jen has joked about this over the years, even appearing as "pregnant" in a SmartWater ad, why didn't she and her rep just ignore this like they usually do? Could it be BECAUSE THIS TIME SHE IS PREGNANT?! Huh, huh???

Okay, it's a stretch, but stars usually don't confirm their pregnancies in the first few months. And if they're like Megan Fox, they never do -- not even when it's as obvious as a beach ball tied to a scarecrow.

The tab's "source" says:

It took her years to get pregnant, and she’s aware of the complications that could arise because of her age, so she and Justin have decided to keep silent as they prepare for the baby’s arrival.

But Jen's rep calling time-out on Star, and with such strong wording, makes me think that Jen is trying to deflect attention from her bun in the oven. Just like Mila Kunis kept denying she was dating Ashton Kutcher. Calling mags liars about something true is a time-tested and devious ruse that celebs use all of the time.

Another reason this time it could be true? Jen and Justin are apparently having Fifty Shades of Grey sex. Which we know will lead to a baby in a Fifty Shades of Grey onesie. Only none of us will ever believe the baby in the Christian Grey onesie is Jen and Justin's baby because we've just been duped too many damn times!

Do you think Jen is pregnant THIS TIME?


Image via Star Magazine


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Gabri... Gabrielle1982

The thumbnail picture for this article looks like a tiny head stroking Jennifer Aniston's hair. Hahahahaha!

vallhk vallhk

^^^ lol you're right it does.   hope she is, she'd make a wonderful mommy, i always  loved her

pupuk... pupukeawahine

If I were a star and came across these stories at the store, wherever, iguess it would be pretty weird and funny.

1stBa... 1stBarbWire

If she is I will feel sorry for the poor baby, she is the most over rated actress out there, she is self centered and egotistical  Brad was lucky to get out when he did. 

Maias... MaiasMommy619


Kathy Kalous

It COULD also just be a pre period pooch...GASP! How dare she!

candy... candyw210

I think she is beautiful, and a great actress and would be a great mother!! All of you people who are talking crap just wish you had her life. Get over yourselves. Brad is the douche-bag who lost a great thing and in turn is with an ugly ass who seems to control his every move.

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