Pregnant Sienna Miller Poses Nude -- Why, God, Why?

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Sienna MillerShe must have really, really wanted to remember her first pregnancy forever, because Sienna Miller posed nude for a portrait just before she delivered daughter Marlowe Ottoline Layng Sturridge in July.

Yes, a nude portrait -- as she posed nude for an artist and had a painting done of herself -- naked as the day SHE was born.

And when I say naked, I mean naked -- like boobs, baby bump, and even her unshaven nether-regions. (OMG. I thought most celebrities waxed down there?)

The artist who created the portrait, Jonathan Yeo, offered the following reasons for wanting to paint Sienna in the buff:

I wanted an image that epitomized the human body in its most naturally beautiful state to make the sharpest possible contrast with my other paintings in this exhibition, which document patients undergoing cosmetic surgery in a bid to help them conform to social notions of beauty ...

It has been 22 years since a pregnant Demi Moore caused uproar by posing for Annie Leibovitz on the cover of Vanity Fair. In that time society has become almost completely desensitized to the daily exposure to people who have surgically distorted their appearance for artificial reasons. Yet certain sections of society are still uncomfortable with the appearance of pregnancy and images of naked expectant mothers are rarely seen.

And while some may think this photo is beautiful and perfectly captures the miracle of pregnancy, blah, blah, blah -- I can't for the life of me understand why Sienna Miller would want (or allow) a permanent reminder of her naked pregnant body.

Because I think most moms will probably agree that while pregnancy is amazing and all that jazz, it's not exactly a time when you feel particularly attractive -- or at least not during your last trimester.

I can remember cringing at the site of myself while getting in and out of the shower each morning when I was expecting my son. Even though I was thrilled to be pregnant, I still couldn't get over just how much my body had changed -- all thanks to the 50 or so extra pounds of weight I was carrying around at the time. (Not a pretty sight.)

And even though Sienna didn't put on too many baby pounds and she's a celebrity and all that, she had to have looked in the mirror a time or two and thought, "Yikes!" -- or something along those lines.

Of course, maybe she was doing the artist a favor by posing and has no intention of ever taking the portrait home and hanging it in her own home. (OMG. Can you imagine if she does plan on doing that?)

Would you pose for a nude portrait while pregnant?


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nonmember avatar Jessica

I feel bad that you felt you looked gross. I think her painting is beautiful. I would totally do a nude pregnancy portrait. Even with the extra 50 lbs.

linzemae linzemae

Damn you're rude. She looks amazing

Nicol... Nicolle_09

The human body is beautiful and when a women is pregnant its even more beautiful and shame on you for thinking anything other then that. 

purvi... purvislets

I actually think I look better in my third trimester (which is thankfully almost over for me!) than I do at any other time, including when I'm not pregnant and even when I gained around 60 pounds with my DS.  I'm sorry you have such issues with a naked pregnant body, but not everyone does.  And how childish is it to be weirded out that GASP SHOCK HORROR someone in the public eye has pubic hair.  Really?  And OMG can you imagine that someone would ever gaze upon a naked portrait??  The horror.  Grow up.

amazz... amazzonia

Maybe you, I felt like a goddess!!! There is oohing wrong with a naked body especially with a pregnant naked body, pregnant women are amazingly beautiful, and if you can't see it than something is wrong with you!

nonmember avatar mamaroo

I would venture to guess that the reason you perceive the portrait of what is CLEARLY a very beautiful, nude pregnant woman, celebrity or not, as *gross* is because you have been highly affected by this culture's standards/norms of what feminine beauty is. I'm fairly certain that if you were raised in a tribal culture where nudity and pregnant nudity are regularly displayed, you would never dream of referring to such a portrait as unattractive in any way.

Ashley Chenard

I happen to feel like a total goddess in my third trimester lol its when I am most satisfied with my appearance. I'd love to have some photos or painting done of myself! Not many chances to remember how we looked, its so fleeting, would be nice to look back on. I am not quite into the artistic style of the painting but something more "me" would be awesome! Sucks you felt so awful about yourself!

nonmember avatar rachel

Why God, Why ... do you care?

What is it with women today that they have to pounce on another womans beautiful body and start ripping it apart?

Its not your choice, fine. Get your head from your rear and move on.

Some of us love the way we look pregnant. I did. Even though I was deathly sick. I looked amazing in my eyes. As do all pregnant woman!

outst... outstandingLove

I don't necessarily feel sexually attractive ...but I would totally do a nude portriate because the miracle of life is beautiful! ...

I don't know what your problem is.

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