Pregnant Woman Doesn't Let Labor Stop Her From Going to the Polls & Voting

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galicia maloneNothing was going to keep Chicago mom-to-be Galicia Malone from voting this morning. Not even labor pains! She stopped by her local polling station this morning to cast her vote -- on the way to the hospital to give birth to her baby. Her water had already broken by the time she arrived at her voting station at 8:30 a.m.

Cook County Clerk David Orr was impressed. "If only all voters showed such determination to vote. My hat goes off to Galicia for not letting anything get in the way of voting. What a terrific example she is showing for the next generation, especially her new son or daughter." I'm impressed, too! But then -- is it really that crazy a thing to do while in labor?

Any of us who have given birth know that labor can go on for hours and hours -- days, sometimes. Why not vote? You've got plenty of time. And as long as your labor is progressing normally, one of the best things you can do is stay active and moving around. Plus, what an amazing story she'll have to tell her future kid! Can you imagine? Not only born on election day, but your mother voted right before giving birth to you.

But we also know that sometimes labor can accelerate suddenly. And then poof: Baby is right there. Nobody wants to actually give birth right there at the polling station. And I know doctors get kind of anxious about getting you into the hospital quickly once your water is broken because you're more vulnerable to infections. So Galicia was kind of taking a risk. But it turned out all right (well, she left the polling station still pregnant, anyway). She says her contractions were five minutes apart when she voted.

I probably would have done the same exact thing if I were Galicia. In fact, one of our Stir editors' mother also voted while she was in labor.

Of course, now that Galicia has done this, her new son or daughter will never have an excuse not to vote. Can't you just hear it? "What do you mean you're not voting? I voted when I was IN LABOR WITH YOU!" That kid is voting when he or she is old enough to, I tell you.

Would you go ahead and vote if you were in labor on election day?


Image via Cook County Clerk's Office

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nonmember avatar Megan

Thought I was in labor last night and this morning (3rd child so I'm not clueless as to what labor feels like). Took some midwife remedies to ease cramping/calm it down, and hit the polls! Seems to have stopped for now (cramp bark is some potent stuff) but would have still gone no matter how it had progressed.

nonmember avatar HS

Very awesome :) Good for her!

When I had my son I woke up to contractions at 430 in the morning. Went to work (in an office), labored all day there. Finally went to the hospital around 7 that night and gave birth around 4 in the morning. It was so funny while I was at work because I'd be talking to a customer on the phone and have to pause every so often to breathebreathebreathe and then back to the phone! It was great though because I have a lot of mommy coworkers who helped me through the day.

dirti... dirtiekittie

good for her! that kid is never going to be allowed to not vote. LOL

nonmember avatar Bee

I live in Chicago, and this was just on the news. As of 6:00pm, she was still in labor, so she had plenty of time :) The election officials are just so incredibly impressed by her.

Megan Johnson

I would.  I walked to the store while I was in labor with my daughter. :-p  Good for her. <3

MrsNe... MrsNewman

I was giving birth last election year. I didn't make it to the polls but im glad she was able to!

nonmember avatar Mama Ulloa

Amazing! Proud of her determination! :) As for the "is it really that crazy a thing to do" question... My opinion is yes lol for this case anyway lol 2 reasons (1)her water had already broke so its not like she was just having contractions lol she was probably having BIG contractions haha and (2) some places have LONGGG lines! However that didnt hold her up a bit! Major hats off to her and her husband who may have disagreed lol to be honest idk what I would have done. I'm not that good with pain lol So Galicia Malone...You go girl! :)


This is why I opted for an absentee ballot this year!

RomWr... RomWriterMomma

I don't know if I would. My labor was exactly 6 hours from "my water broke! I need to call the advice nurse" to "here's your son" - and that was a first-time pregnancy. Today I stood in line for an hour to vote. Given my short labor/delivery, and the long wait to vote, I think I'd probably skip it that year.

Brats... Bratsmama9507

Good for her! Does anyone kno if she actually had the baby yet? I'm real curious about the sex. I would of voted too!

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