Dad Meets His New Baby Over an iPhone in the Delivery Room (VIDEO)


dad watches birth over iphoneMilitary dads who are stationed overseas getting to witness their babies' birth via Skype is nothing new these days, but it seems like some parents are getting more and more creative when it comes to making sure they can "be together" during labor and delivery.

A former Marine named James Robbins recently watched his son's birth from Kuwait, all thanks to an iPhone that was used in the operating room in Minnesota where his wife was having a c-section. She called him when it was clear that their second child was going to make his entrance into the world sooner than expected, so he rushed to his apartment in Kuwait and made it just in time to witness the birth.

And what makes this story even more special is that after the baby was delivered, James actually got to "meet" him over the iPhone screen before his wife even held him.

You can hear more about what went down during the baby's delivery in this video clip.


Aww! How wonderful that technology allowed James to be there to hear and see his son cry for the very first time -- and to offer some source of support to his wife even though he couldn't be physically present.

And that moment at the end where mom, dad, and baby were all together as a family was especially touching -- and I'm sure it's something they'll never forget.

Hopefully many other moms-to-be whose husbands are overseas right now will hear the Robbins' story and be given hope that they can come together as a family for the birth of their children as well, no matter how many miles separate them.

What moved you most about this couple's story?


Image via WCCO

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Bekki... BekkieBoodle

Thats amazing!  I couldnt watch the video... I was already crying from just reading the story!

Rebecca Peterson

When I was delivering my baby, my husband was in Afghanistan. Nobody had the greatest reception in the hospital, so we uploaded pictures to his Facebook when my friend took smoke breaks. Then he got the chance to call me as soon as he could. His command was very understanding about it, and he was one of the few guys who were having babies while gone who didn't throw a fit about being gone. We both knew that being in the military it happens. But I know I couldn't do it without the support of all my friends who are like family. We're both so grateful to each of our friends.

nonmember avatar Hayden

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