Kristen Bell's Pregnancy Won't Change Her Wedding Plans

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dax shepard, kristen bellLooks like someone better start taking notes on the Parenthood set! Dax Shepard and fiance Kristen Bell are expecting their first child together.

"They're so excited -- they are both ecstatic. They can't wait to become parents," a pal told People. "Kristen had a little bit of morning sickness early on but she just started shooting the second season of House of Lies and is feeling great now." So does this mean the pair will move up their wedding plans?

Engaged since 2009 and dating since 2007, the couple probably isn't in a rush to wed even with a child on the way. They've actually said they won't marry until same-sex marriage is legal in California.

“We wouldn't want to invite all of our friends who don’t have that right to celebrate us, who have that right," Dax said on The View in July. "We just don’t feel right about that." 

Never the less, the duo (who have starred together in When in Rome and more recently Hit and Run) are more than happy with their relationship status. The secret to their romance? A non-stop giggle fest. "He constantly keeps me laughing: when I'm sad, mad, frustrated, annoyed. Regardless of what it is he can lighten the mood," Kristen once told Us Weekly. "I can't get frustrated and that is a very powerful weapon. Comedy is a very powerful weapon. He's so funny that it's overwhelming."

What do you think Kristen and Dax should name their baby?

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Flori... Floridamom96

Their priorities are seriously screwed up. Doing what's best for their child should always come before taking a stand for friends.

dirti... dirtiekittie

@floridamom - it's kind of presumptious to say that them being married is best for the child though, isn't it? i think it's better to have two loving parents in a kids' life, regardless of marital status.

and congrats to the couple! although every time i see this guy, i think "this can't really be the idiot from bam margera's group of friends"... who would have seen that one coming?!

Flori... Floridamom96

Nope. Children are better off in a family where mom and dad are married to each other and only each other.

dirti... dirtiekittie

@floridamom - are you trying to tell me that being married by default makes you a better parent? i hardly agree. in fact, i think we should both just agree to disagree on this one.

Em Chappell-Root

Flordiamom is obviously a fundie who thinks her way is the only way. Parents can be commited without a piece of paper making it a "legal' marriage. The only reason my husband and I got that piece of paper was for the tax write off. It didn't change anything about our commitment to each other. 

Good for them and congrats.

Flori... Floridamom96

I'm not sure what 'fundie' means, but it sounds like people who stand firm for what they believe, in which case I thank you for the compliment.

jessi... jessicasmom1

nor should I think they should

Blues... Blueshark77

I'm in a similar situation. My boyfriend and I are expecting our first. I became pregnant right after our 5 year anniversary. We are completely commited to each other without wearing rings or having a marriage certificate. We will probably get married eventually to make the legal end of things neater, but it's not a priority for us. We know what we are to each other and so do our friends and family. Our parents naturally want us to get married, but at the same time aren't worried about us bailing out on each other. I have several friends who are divorced after a couple years of marriage and a sister who's on her 3rd fiance because they are so eager to get married that they marry the wrong person. Our child is going to be born to parents who are already head over heels in love with her and who are completely devoted to each other. 

Courtney Puzzo

you don't have to be married to be stable parents especially considering the divorce rate in normal life is 45% and it's nearly double in hollywood. ask Vanessa Redgrave's son Carlo what it was like growing up with loving/committed but unmarried parents he wouldn't change it for the world. not every couple that has kids is meant to be married/stay married. Kristen & Dax don't owe the public anything

Shannon Marie

I never got the argument that "My boyfriend(girlfriend) and I love each other and don't need a piece of paper to prove it." The fact is that marriage is still traditional and your child is going to grow up wondering why you are not married. He/she may feel uncomfortable with the fact that his/her parents are "boyfriend" and "girlfriend." I would feel awkward referring to the father of my child as my boyfriend. It's traditional, it's a convention, but I think that - assuming 2 people love each other and want to be together - it makes sense for them to marry, for their kids if nothing else.

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