Dad Delivers His Daughter's Baby on Couch & Makes Her a Home Birth Believer

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baby feetGiving birth at home because you couldn't make it to the hospital in time is a common concern for many moms-to-be -- but most probably assume that even if they wind up having their baby at home, an EMT will still be there to assist in the delivery.

Well, things didn't quite go that route for Chrissy Flowers, because her dad wound up delivering her baby when she went into labor on Halloween night.

Yes -- her own father delivered her baby girl right there on her couch, and believe it or not, he actually knew what he was doing. As a former firefighter who also served in the Army, Daniel Flowers kept calm while he delivered the baby, cleaned out her airways, and even found some bread ties and a rubber band to tie off the umbilical cord before cutting it.

And while the experience was no doubt a bit nerve-wracking, he definitely kept his sense of humor about the delivery, saying "It was like MacGyver."

OMG. I love my Dad more than anything, but if we'd been in a situation where he had to deliver my baby?!? I would've been nothing short of absolutely mortified. In fact, I probably would've insisted on waiting for the EMTs to arrive out of total humiliation of the idea of letting him look, well -- "down there." (Yikes!)

But this mom really didn't have a choice as far as waiting goes, because her little girl came out just as police officers arrived to help.

And after her experience giving birth at home, you'd think that Chrissy would be even more insistent about making sure her next baby is delivered at the hospital, but her feelings are actually the opposite. Having her father deliver her baby convinced her that she wants a home birth with her next child as well -- and her husband even admits that he'd like to deliver the next baby himself instead of grandpa this time.

(Huh? Is he jealous of his father-in-law or something? OMG. What dad wants to deliver his own kid?!?)

Would you let your father deliver your baby? And would an experience like this make you more or less likely to want to go to the hospital next time?


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nonmember avatar FarmersWife

A pregnancy free of complications j insist on a home birth and of course daddy's doing the drlivery! That's his job isn't it?!? Of course a midwife present in case of and to recognize problems but birth is natural and normal. Then again delivering animals as part of our daily tasks we are very comfortable with the safety of a normal birth with a seasoned midwife...


What dad wants to deliver his own kid? Not all dads think child birth is gross and a reason to panic.I'm sure quite a few dads wouldn't mind delivering their child. Especially after seeing another close family member doing it.

LSeab... LSeabolt1982

 I would NOT want my father delivering my baby.

miche... micheledo

A lot of dads want to deliver their own children.  Well, it would be more accurate to say 'catch' as mommy and baby do all the 'delivering.'

I would totally do a home birth after an experience like that.  In fact my 4th was a hospital birth - 30 minutes after arriving.  I was up and walking around (showered and dressed) less then 2 hours later and we checked out of the hospital early.  That made me realize I didn't need a hospital (unless there was something seriously wrong) and #5 was born at home!

nonmember avatar jen

"OMG. What dad wants to deliver his own kid?!?"
I scrolled to the top to see the author and sure enough another piece of garbage written by mary fischer.
What is wrong with a father wanting to deliver their own child they helped create?

Senia... Seniahmom

My husband was going to catch but he got light headed lol!

basmet basmet

Men don't deliver babies.  He may have "assisted and caught" the baby, but he didn't deliver the baby.  Tying of the umbilical cord (the baby's lifeline) is very outdated for emergency situations like this, it is much safer to leave the umbilical cord attached.   Sadly EMT's are still learning the old "tie it off with a dirty shoe lace" protocol which will do more harm than good. 

curly... curlygirl31

All 3 of my births my dad, mom, and husband were all at my side. I was in too much pain to be embarrassed in front of them.

Karen Kennedy

The way this article is written suggests that a normal part of having a baby is to clean out the airways and cut the cord.  It's not!  A normal birth with a healthy baby requires nothing other than to pick up the baby and place it skin-to-skin on the mother - no suctioning or cord cutting required.

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