3 Hurricane Sandy Birth Stories That Will Blow You Away

baby fistLadies, have you noticed the national obsession with birth stories? Or, I should say, with moms trying to top their friends’ birth stories? I think it’s time we put women of the nation on notice: ain’t no birth story like a Hurricane Sandy birth story y’all!

Just because the biggest Atlantic tropical storm ever decided to make a mess of the Eastern seaboard didn’t mean babies were going to stay in their mommy’s tummies. That means a whole crew of hurricane babies, and a whole slew of moms with some pretty wild birth stories. Get ready! We’re talking glow sticks! Dads giving epidurals! And a whole lot more rockin’ mamas!


1. A mom gave birth in a medical aid shelter set up for flood evacuees! Christine Schleppy’s New Jersey home was actually OK, but the ambulance transporting her to the hospital couldn’t make it all the way because of the storm! The good news is the mom, who was just 35 weeks pregnant, had given birth three times prior so she at least knew what to expect. The bad news? She’d always had an epidural handy; this was her first ‘natural’ birth. Good news: little Liam and his mama are doing just fine, and they’re in an actual hospital now.

2. Kimberly Landman managed to make it to the hospital in New York City and everything was just ducky. She delivered little Alice on Sunday. But then Sandy hit. And the hospital’s first generator failed. And then another generator failed. And her this new mama was with a new baby and nurses trying to take care of her by the light of a glowstick!

3. And there’s Julia Almany, who was in labor at NYU’s Langone Medical Center when the power went out. Unlike Christine Schleppy, she got an epidural … but her husband had to help with it … in the dark! Doron Almany held his cell phone up so doctors could use the light as they guided the needle into Julia’s back. Then poor Julia was taken out of the building while still in full labor, put in an ambulance, and transported to ANOTHER hospital! A tree branch fell on the ambulance on the way, but they made it, and little Micah is just fine.

Which one of these crazy birth stories really blows your socks off?

Image via miss pupik/Flickr

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