Cool Product: Blossumz Breast Therapy Packs

Keeping "the girls" comfortable is a big issue for pregnant and breastfeeding moms, so I was interested to come across this alternative to cold cabbage leaves on CoolMomPicks. Blossumz Breast Therapy Packs are gel packs (they come with pretty covers, as shown above) that you can heat or cool and then put in your bra to combat pain or swelling -- they're intended for breastfeeding moms or women recovering from breast surgery, but it seems to me you could use them while pregnant and then into mommyhood, too. (I know my boobs began to hurt even before I knew for sure I was PG.)

What do you think? Would you try gel packs like these? What are your tricks for dealing with sore breasts while pregnant or breastfeeding?


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