10 Things Every Boy Should Learn Before He's Grown

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boy The other day someone asked me how old my son was, and for some reason -- even though he turned 9 back in August -- it hit me: I'm halfway done raising him. And then the tears started flowing as the stranger looked on like I was a lunatic.

People always say "it goes so fast," but the truth is it doesn't always feel like it during some of the long, exhausting days. But stepping back and realizing how little time we have to teach them so much, you realize how true it is, and how you really need to know what it is you want to teach them because too soon they'll be out on their own.

So when #ToMyFutureSon started trending on Twitter today, I couldn't stop reading the things other people want to teach their future children. Some were just silly and pretty funny, but others made me think about how I have or haven't been working on these things. Here are 10 of the countless things people want their boys to know before they're grown.

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1. "I promise to be there for you, to lend you a listening ear and hear you out like a friend, not parent. You can trust me." -- @angyonghui_

2. "stay true to one woman, show love to one woman, be faithful to one woman. And she'll be yours forever." -- @aWonderOfLove

3. "Dont smoke, Dont drink, Dont do drugs.......just wear condoms" -- @RalphhJustin

4. "you will treat every girl with respect. Old or young. You will be a gentleman, not a punk." -- @TheFaithAsh

5. "No one loves you more than me, little guy.:" -- @lliamjazreinll

6. "feet to the ground, eyes to the heavens." -- @CarpiceTV

7. "Don't make your mom cry." -- @AsheeqRazak

8. "the only picture you'll ask from a girl is a picture of your homework assignment. Keep it classy, kiddo!" -- @cakedjake

9. "Don't hit women, don't disrespect women, and definitely don't abandon your children!!" -- @EcheMadubuike

10. "Your first phone, is gonna be a flip-phone. Idgaf if the iPhone15 is out by then, YOU MUST KNOW THE STRUGGLE!" -- @Ratchet2English

What things do you want to teach your son?


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nonmember avatar Happydad

Seriously? These are the best things you could come up with? What about teaching them respect for others and not just females? What about not hitting others, not just females? What about learning to work hard? Or the true value of money? Or to give of their time to those who are less fortunate? Or the consequences of their actions both good AND bad? Or that life doesn't revolve around them? If you are gonna teach them things, teach them things that will take them trough life, not just how to dream or that girls are the only ones who deserve respect.

nonmember avatar momofaking

TOTALLY agree with the last one lolol

momto... momtolittleg

How to do laundry and load a dishwasher.

zandh... zandhmom2

My son is 17 and here are a few of the things his Dad and I have made sure to teach him:

Respect other people, their property and their personal space.

Use kinds words or no words at all.

Try to always walk away from conflict.

Treat others as you want to be treated.

Be kind to smaller kids and animals.

On a different level, I have taught my son how to cook (real food, not just microwave or can junk), how to do his own laundry, how to write a check, how to save money, how to plan to future purchases, how to clean the whole house (dust, vacuum, etc.) His Dad how taught him how to repair almost anything in the house or yard (no repairmen in my house ever) how to maintain his vehicle, how to use almost every hand tool there is, how an honest day work equals an honest day pay, how to say what you mean and how valuable your word is.  I could go on and on but these are the things that are important to teach your children if you want them to be able to function in the real world. 

Adrian O'Brien

Seriously... why is this so centered on women?  It sounds like 'Love me forever... oh yeah, and your wife and daughters too.'  As a mom, here are the 10 things I want my son (and my daughter) to learn:

If anything is worth doing, it is worth doing right

Fight for what you believe in

Real men DO cry... it is the ones without a heart that don't

Don't let fear stop you... Do it afraid!

If you don't know where it's been, don't put it in your mouth

Integrity is what you do when no one is looking and you have nothing to gain.

Family comes first

Even a fool can seem wise when he can control his' mouth.

Always wear clean underwear.

God will never give you anything more than what you can handle

Life is short.  Treasure each day and make sure those you love know it!

jessi... jessicasmom1

be the best you can be and always treat your wife as you love your mother 

Mom0413 Mom0413

This is what I think we need to teach our Sons and Daughters

daughters and sons


nadene37 nadene37

1.be able to laugh at your self 

2.find the humor in every situation

3.forgive yourself and others pobodys nerfect

4.tell the people you love that you love them every chance you get

5.never let the last words you say to somebady be mean cause they maybe the last words you get to say to them

6.find happiness and joy in everything you do

7.tommorow isn't promised so eat pizza on a wednesday on the good china don't put things up for a special occassion everyday should be a special occassion

8.family isn't just the people who share your name or bloodline they are the people who are there for you and love you 

9.give back to the world when you step forward reach back and help somebody else

10.no matter how old you are you are my baby i will always love and forgive you but i won't always like or respect you when you step out into the world hold your head high and use good manners 



nonmember avatar Fara

These are horrible. How about life skills such as cooking, laundry, mowing the grass etc. Crappy article, crappy author.

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