A Vaginal Birth Means Your Baby Isn't the Only One Who'll Need Diapers

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pregnant at the doctorThis probably won't come as a huge shock to most moms, but surprise, surprise -- a new study has found that having a vaginal birth can lead to weaker pelvic muscles down the road. And guess what? The research also found that moms who had their babies via c-section tended to have stronger pelvic muscles than the vaginal birth gals.

And while scientists can't say for sure whether having weaker pelvic floor muscles will actually cause women to have incontinence or other pelvic disorders, the possibility of the weak muscles playing a factor probably does exist. Translation: If you give birth vaginally versus having a c-section, there's a higher likelihood of you unintentionally peeing your pants at some point after your baby's arrival.

And as the mom of a 6-year-old who has accidentally peed her pants (a little bit) on more than one occasion since he entered this world, I can tell you that it's really not as embarrassing as it sounds, and it's actually pretty hilarious.

Heck, I'm not even ashamed to admit that I did it in the middle of Times Square -- twice. One minute I was walking across the street with my husband and son, and the next minute, I sneezed, and found myself laughing uncontrollably at the trickle that was starting to run down my leg. I managed to run inside our hotel and use the bathroom, and then an hour later, the same thing happened again. To this day, I don't think I'll ever be able to live down pissing myself in Times Square -- but it sure does make for a great story to share with my mom friends.

Peeing yourself as a mom is almost like a rite of passage or some sort of secret club that only we are privy to, and if nothing else, it gives us one more thing to laugh about and make the day a little bit lighter. (C'mon, even Billy Madison admits peeing your pants is cool.)

But if you are at all worried about whether you're going to do it and are considering a c-section in lieu of a vaginal birth simply because you're concerned about your muscles "down there", you might as well go ahead and accept the fact that you probably will wet yourself at some point -- and it's ok. It's not anything that's worth getting all worked up over -- and it's absolutely not worth opting for a scheduled surgical delivery simply because you're worried about ruining your favorite pair of underwear.

Does having weakened pelvic muscles concern you at all?


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nonmember avatar j

Do your kegals ladies!Seriously they make a huge difference. I do them religiously and after two kids my bladder control is impeccable

Jespren Jespren

Kegals and lunges, have to work all muscles. But seriously? Not a big deal, and sure, you are *slightly* more likely to have bladder weakness with a vaginal birth than a c-section, but loss of bladder control is also a known side effect of c-sections, and the biggest 'risk' is the pregnancy itself, once you've had a big weight isn't *that* big a factor. I have also heard studies where vaginal only increased risk over c-section if an episiotomy was used.

lalal... lalaland09

What a huge pile of wank. For one, peeing your pants doesn't ruin underwear unless you dont have a washing machine our access to running water. Secondly, my sister is always leaking and she has never even been pregnant. I've pushed 2 8+pounders out and have never come close to having an accident!

nonmember avatar B

I've got nothing against c-sections (had one myself and may need another for this baby), but is there really anyone who chooses them for this reason? Everyone I know who has had them did so on medical advice and/or in an emergency situation, not for some vanity thing.

doodledo doodledo

Kegel kegel kegel!!!

amazz... amazzonia

Stupid articles like this only help to higher the c section rate in within stupid women!

MomLi... MomLily67

Those muscled can be strenghtened after a vaginal birth, In cases where  significant damage has been done, surgery can fix them.

In France, vaginal strenghtening is part of post partum care. 


Anna Potts

wow funny i have never come close to pissing my self i pushed a kid out and i was fine i just did what most women wont do and exersise

jalaz77 jalaz77

My grandma lived until 90 and NEVER had incontinence or leaking and she had 3 vag births. A lot of it is how you care for yourself before during and after birth. Carrying a baby period will put strain on that area as well. Genetics playback part. Yea I do think they have a smaller risk but isn't completely out of the woods. You don't count if you have had only 1 baby, 1 baby won't mess you up.

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