5 Soothing Products to Calm a Fussy Baby (PHOTOS)

crying babyWhen you're pregnant, your dreams of your baby likely involve coos, gurgles, sweetness, and smiles. But unless you have some sort of alien baby from the planet sunshine, the fact is your baby is going to fuss. More than you ever thought humanly possible.

Yes, some babies are fussier than others (God bless the moms of colicky children), but all of them have their moments, and trust me, those moments will be some of the longest of your life. You can try singing, and rocking, and baby whispering, but sometimes you need a little more help to stop the fussing. Here are five products moms swear by that are worth a try.

What products would you add to the list?


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nonmember avatar Jamie

Wow so suprised not to see gripe water! I had 3 in my head I "knew" I'd see... gripe water, swaddle blanket & swing. But gripe water is AMAZING. Bonus: its natural not medicine!!!

Kim Stala

its not a product but the breast best way to sooth a cranky baby and i agree with jamie gripe water works wounders and vicks vapor bath

arlis... arliss123

Chamomile is fantastic for a teething baby, or even when baby is just fussy. You can purchase Boiron's Camilia drops, make chamomile tea from the flowers, or make or buy a tincture. Whatever you choose, it is absolutely amazing how well and quickly it works.

Rose Martinez

The only things that calmed my fussy baby was putting him in the slin, nursing and taking a walk, everyting else made him angrier. But I guess nursing isn't a product...

tiffa... tiffanydearing

car rides worked wonders but weren't always possible..... so putting my son his carrier car seat on top of the dryer with it turned on worked wonders ( of course always staying close by )

SaphireH SaphireH

my kids need a binx, their Babas (blankets knitted by me) and music to be calmed by or help fall asleep whether its me singing lullabies or we do Korn for my son and Adam Lambert for my daughter and both are calm or asleep in minutes

Nancy Botwin

Used them all besides the binky, just can not stand those things.

JLCrunch JLCrunch

Binky, large swaddling blanket and a crib soother are lifesavers but even so sometimes nothing beats a good cuddle.

kelli... kelli0585

Mine loved the smell of rose water and rose essential oil (diluted with jojoba oil).  Perhaps because I wore it all the time.   I would spray him with the rose water, or just dab a little oil on his neck, and it seemed to put him right to sleep.  

He also loved to be worn in a sling. 

nonmember avatar Cynthia

The best things for my 3 kids were a breast, a sling and motion, be it a walk or just being worn around the house! Gripe water was in there for a couple of them as well!

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