5 Soothing Products to Calm a Fussy Baby (PHOTOS)

Julie Ryan Evans | Oct 25, 2012 Baby
5 Soothing Products to Calm a Fussy Baby (PHOTOS)

crying babyWhen you're pregnant, your dreams of your baby likely involve coos, gurgles, sweetness, and smiles. But unless you have some sort of alien baby from the planet sunshine, the fact is your baby is going to fuss. More than you ever thought humanly possible.

Yes, some babies are fussier than others (God bless the moms of colicky children), but all of them have their moments, and trust me, those moments will be some of the longest of your life. You can try singing, and rocking, and baby whispering, but sometimes you need a little more help to stop the fussing. Here are five products moms swear by that are worth a try.

What products would you add to the list?


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  • Calming Ointments


    There's a variety of brands of ointments that promise to calm your kid. Most of them include things like lavender and vanilla scents, which are known for their soothing effects. Since baby massage is also thought to help calm children, if you use one of these too, you get a double bang.

  • Sound Machine


    Especially in busy houses with other children running around, these machines can be a lifesaver. They're able to drown out the drone of phones and TVs, and give your baby a nice, peaceful earful of tranquility.

  • Pacifier


    Scoff or shirk in horror if you will, but some kids just need that oral fix.

  • Swaddling Blanket


    Sure, you can swaddle with many blankets, but the ones specially designed for the purpose were lifesavers for me when I was learning. And they worked like magic.

  • Baby Swing


    There are plenty of baby products people will tell you to buy that are unnecessary, but in my opinion, a baby swing is a must-have. Not all kids like them (so borrow one if you can), but both of mine adored theirs ... and so did I.

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