Jennifer Aniston May Be Using '50 Shades' for Baby-Making Sex


Jennifer AnistonThe speculation over when and if she will ever actually have a baby has followed her ever since her Brad Pitt days, and now there are new rumors saying that Jennifer Aniston is using Fifty Shades of Grey to help her get pregnant with Justin Theroux's baby. You know, because Fifty Shades is all about having lots of sex and usually if you have lots of sex -- there's more of a likelihood that you'll conceive. (Sure, sounds easy enough.)

According to one source:

Jen and Justin are having the time of their life trying for a baby and Jen has been totally inspired by Fifty Shades of Grey and has acted out some of the scenes with Justin. They’re at is like crazy. She said they’ve been having wild fun with feathers and blindfolds and dirty talk.

And while the talk surrounding their spicy bedroom behavior is only a rumor at this point, somehow Jennifer and Justin do strike me as Fifty Shades-style lovin' fans.

Huh. Well, I guess if you're going to pull out all the stops to try and get pregnant, having a little Fifty Shades of Grey-style fun is a decent way to go about it.

Instead of looking at having sex in the hopes of conceiving as a major chore, indulging in a little role playing and getting into Christian's and Ana's characters could actually make the baby making process a whole lot more enjoyable -- not to mention less stressful.

I've known quite a few couples who have tried and tried for months to get pregnant with no success, and then the minute they gave up and quit stressing over it -- VOILA! They wound up conceiving a baby.

And now that Fifty Shades of Grey is so popular, it's totally understandable that it could potentially lead to a baby boom -- maybe even for plenty of A-list stars.

(At this point, if anyone can finally get Jennifer Aniston pregnant, it's Christian Grey for sure.)

Do you think using Fifty Shades as a guide can help women relax while trying to conceive -- which could potentially up their chances of getting pregnant?


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hello... hellokd87

From what I understand, the more you stress over getting pregnant the mroe your hormones go out of balance as a reaction to the stress. Then when you "leave it to the higher power" your body isn't under pressure anymore and you're more likely to conceive. However, there's also the fact that the more sex you have, the lesser the sperm count since the man's body is constantly pumping out love juice.

stork... storkneedsgps

Oh dear God, not the "just relax and it will happen" method! Doesn't work for everyone!

jessi... jessicasmom1

when you do not stress over it .. things happen for the better .... so rock on Jen 

jessi... jessicasmom1

just relax and let it happen

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