Rudest Comments While Pregnant!

rude comments while pregnantPeople never cease to amaze me. When I was pregnant, someone I know casually (not even a total stranger!) commented on my size -- she touched my belly, looked at me with grave concern, and said "You're so small! I mean, is everything OK?" I was floored. Like, if things aren't OK with this pregnancy, I don't want to talk to you about it....

There's a thread about rude comments in Pregnancy, too -- I've checked it out and compiled a few chestnuts. Here are a few of the things some super-clueless people have said to us pregnant gals.


Rude Comments While Pregnant

  • "When were you due, like, yesterday?"
  • "I bet you're liking those boobs! They look nice cause she's pregnant, but they probably won't after she has the baby." (To the husband of a mom-to-be while they were out shopping.)
  • "You look too young to be having a baby...."
  • "How much weight have you gained?"
  • "Are you SURE there's just one in there?"
  • "Teen pregnancy is destroying our nation -- you shouldn't be thinking about sex, let alone having a baby." (To a married 21-year-old mama.)
  • "God, you're gigantic."
  • "Is she pregnant AGAIN?" (Overheard.)
  • "Are you sure there's a baby in there?" (To a first-time mama not showing in a big way.)
  • "Your boobs were huge to start with -- man, what will they look like in the coming months?!"
  • "If you get any bigger, you won't fit into the shower."
  • "You are TOO ROUND for us to be doing the nasty anymore."
  • "Are you going to be eating those all by yourself?" (To a mom buying donuts at the grocery store.)
  • "I'm sure your baby's going to come early -- there's no way you could make it all the way to your due date." (The mama politely asked the woman to see her medical degree.)

So, tell me -- what's the rudest thing someone has said to you while pregnant?

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