100 Enchanting Halloween-Inspired Baby Names

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halloween babiesAs we officially enter Scorpio season with Halloween preparedness in full swing, I'm in the mood for all things mythical and magical. Halloween isn't just about the frightful and spooky and having a baby this time of year is the best. (Confession: I'm a Scorpio.)

In honor of the season, and for any parents-to-be considering baby names with a mystical meaning or a bewitching feel, look no further than this Halloween-inspired list. The names were selected after reviewing their meaning -- all tied to legends or myths, some have a Gothic feel, there are Pagan names and names that just feel magical. Check out the list ... your baby could have the most enchanting name around.


  1. Matilda
  2. Diana
  3. Evangeline
  4. Glinda
  5. Maeve
  6. Esmerelda
  7. Gwendolyn
  8. Hermione
  9. Aurora
  10. Prue
  11. Luna
  12. Wanda
  13. Andromeda
  14. Serafina
  15. Rowena
  16. Tarot
  17. Hazel
  18. Agatha
  19. Endora
  20. Raven
  21. Willow
  22. Freyja
  23. Jezebel
  24. Lilith
  25. Tabitha
  26. Adelaide
  27. Adelle
  28. Tempest
  29. Zena
  30. Hilda
  31. Siobhan
  32. Celeste
  33. Calliope
  34. Sabrina
  35. Selene
  36. Moon
  37. Isis
  38. Guinevere
  39. Finola
  40. Gaia
  41. Estelle
  42. Daphne
  43. Cassandra
  44. Zaria
  45. Belladonna
  46. Amara
  47. Bronwyn
  48. Dahlia
  49. Astra
  50. Edna


  1. Osiris
  2. Horus
  3. Adrian
  4. Damian
  5. Simon
  6. Kyran
  7. Mohan
  8. Royce
  9. Maksim
  10. Orion
  11. Hester
  12. Thorn
  13. Thor
  14. Thurston
  15. Kai
  16. Balthazar
  17. Gunther
  18. Vlad
  19. Eryx
  20. Bram
  21. Griffin
  22. Phoenix
  23. Jasper
  24. Darth
  25. Draco
  26. Drake
  27. Gabriel
  28. Connor
  29. Keenan
  30. Rune
  31. Edgar
  32. Cole
  33. Zephyr
  34. Odin
  35. Ares
  36. Loki
  37. Wolf
  38. Victor
  39. Storm
  40. Dante
  41. Xander
  42. Liam
  43. Cian
  44. Gavin
  45. Gustav
  46. Kane
  47. Ren
  48. Warren
  49. Rohan
  50. Theodore

Which enchanting baby name is your favorite?


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NatAndCo NatAndCo

I want a daughter and son so i can name them Jezebel and Balthazar.

Knitt... KnittinMama

One of my daughter's names is Hazel. Some of those are a bit off to name a kid lol

nonmember avatar Amanda

My daughter is named Evangeline but I don't see what is had to do with Halloween. She is named for the Longfellow poem and the name means good news. Weird.

melim... melime2012

My daughter is Evangeline, after the Longfellow poem about the Acadians. Not sure what that has to do with Halloween...

doodl... doodlebut

Natandco- I hope you never have children then

nonmember avatar chilichowder

Yeahhhh, some of these sound very old-fashioned for a child these days. Some of the girl ones are really pretty sounding though.

Misty... Misty.Dawn

some are pretty, some are just odd lol my fav is Xander. thats my stepsons name :) but i LOVE Luna, Liam & Warren

nonmember avatar Whit

Finally a list if names from The Stir that I can respect! Great job Michele (are you a secret name nerd?) ;)

My favorites:

Maeve, Hermione, Rowena, Agatha and Belladonna for the girls.

Balthazar, Bram, Jasper, Edgar and Rohan for boys.

Just a note, I think Hester is a feminine name, unless there is more than one versions.

MomLi... MomLily67

Mmmhh, I like all of them!!!

My son's are Gustavo and Adrian,  daughter Mariann, grandson Lex,  DIL Adilene,, all pretty names, don't you  think?




SaphireH SaphireH

I have a Kian, another spelling of Cian, i also have Angel and Edward

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