7 Halloween Costumes That Make the Most of Your Baby Bump

bun in the ovenFinding the perfect Halloween costume can be tough when you're pregnant, especially since there aren't too many maternity costumes out there to choose from. And aside from finding something unique and fun to wear on Halloween, staying comfortable is definitely a must.

I can remember going into work on Halloween while I was expecting my son, and opting out of dressing up simply because I didn't think I could sit in a costume all day long. I tried to joke around with my co-workers by saying I was disguised as a "pregnant gal," but none of them found the humor in that statement at all. (What the heck?) But had I seen this fun "Bun in the Oven" costume, maybe I would've had a change of heart and opted to get in on the dressing-up fun that day.


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This costume sells for $39.99 at Party City, but if it's not your cup of tea, there are some other great options you should consider.

Ellen Page in Juno -- Remember the movie Juno? One of my friends dressed up as Ellen Page's character when she was pregnant with her son and it was the perfect costume because she had all the elements for it in her own closet. And husband even dressed up as Bleeker's character, making the get-up even funnier.

Basketball belly -- This is as easy as it gets, because all you have to do is pick up a little face paint, and voila -- your baby bump becomes a basketball.

Solar system costume -- All you need to do is get a comfy black t-shirt, put a sun smack dab in the middle, and hang planets from your arms to turn yourself into something straight out of outer space.

Jessica Simpson "mummy" -- This one looks pretty easy to re-create too. Just wrap yourself in bandages, go hog wild on the makeup, and tease your hair until it can no longer be teased. And using this wrap from The Band Specialist can even help give your bump extra support in the costume.

Simple themed t-shirt -- Who says you have to dress up from head-to-toe? Why not just wear a cute t-shirt with a fun Halloween saying, like this one that says, "I started work on my costume months ago." Or get this iron-on skeleton to turn any black shirt into the ultimate Halloween x-ray costume.

Pregnant cat -- This one is pretty simple and so funny, just glue some baby bottle nipples to a black t-shirt, and boom! You're a pregnant cat.

Are you planning dressing up your bump for Halloween? What is your costume going to be?


Image via Party City

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