'Beyonce' Maternity Suites for Rich Moms Mean Our Babies Don't Get the Care They Need

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beyonceRemember all the controversy Lenox Hill Hospital attracted when it catered to Beyoncé and Jay-Z's birth plans with the poshest, most exclusive maternity suite we'd ever heard of? Other patients complained that the suite kept them from visiting their own newborns.

Well, you'd think Lenox Hill execs would be re-thinking the whole luxury maternity suite idea, but nope! They've spent millions to build new "executive" rooms for wealthy expectant moms. Rooms with names like the "Beyoncé Room," the "Park Ave. Studio," and the "Premium Deluxe" room. And the hospital nurses are pissed. They say the new fancy rooms put all the other patients and babies at risk -- 1 percenters birthing in luxury at the 99 percent's expense!

According to hospital regulations, each nurse is supposed to care for no more than eight babies in the nursery at a time. But nurses are claiming they've been left alone with up to 18 babies at a time while the rest of the nurse staff gets pulled for high-rolling, high-priority families. Babies in the executive suites get one-on-one nurse care.

Nurses are outraged. Speaking anonymously in fear of retaliation, one nurse says, "It's incredibly stressful. You have too many babies. You can't do all you need to do for them."

"Go ahead and make money," says another nurse. "But don't make money and the expense of everyone else."

The luxury rooms go for anywhere from $850 to $2,400 a night -- or $5,250 a night for the Beyoncé Room. Zoiks! They're loaded with boutique hotel-style amenities like concierge services, fine linens, and flat-screen TVs. But most costly, I'm sure, is that one-on-one nurse care. 

It's kind of gross -- the idea of some moms birthing in splendor while the rest of us birth in shared rooms. But to put babies' health in danger because you're redistributing your labor unfairly? That's so much worse. Lenox Hill execs claim no babies are being put in danger because of the new rooms. But if nurses are complaining, you know something's up. Honestly, if they're going to charge people up the wazoo for a posh labor "experience," you need to hire additional staff! Not stretch your existing staff beyond the point of safety.

What do you think of the idea of "Beyoncé" rooms for affluent patients?


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nonmember avatar Mrs.Clark

This is so dumb. Who the hell is really worried about flat screens and fine linens while pushing a baby out? Who worries about those things while contractions are kicking ur tail? If what the nurses say is true, the hospital will get sued out the wazoo when one of those 18 babies assigned to one nurse doesn't get proper care due to lack of staffing and dies. Makes me sick.

nurse... nursemama88

Hell my room was $1200 a night and a regular room.

tiny_... tiny_mama

That's some bullcrap.. You want fancy schmancy birthing room... Have your fucking kid at home! Nurses left with 18 babies because "excecutive moms" need 1 on 1 nurses.. Of all the stupid...

4cadi... 4cadillac

no big deal if she actually had that baby. the world is still believing that lie? smh...

nonmember avatar NYCGirlMom

I had my daughter at that hospital. When I was there, the service and nurses were fantastic. But this worries me for my next one. I had a private room, but they require the babies to go to the nursery at least twice a day for a check by the resident pediatrician. If my baby was one of 18, I would be very hesitant to send her there.

Jami Stevenson

with the changing laws (patient privacy act) at some point in the near future, all hospital rooms will be private but with that aside, ANYTHING  that takes away from the care of a patient weither it be newborns or the homeless guy thats been in a coma for 10 years should be illegal. purposly understaffing the majority of patients to cater to just one person is not only unethical but immoral.

teddy... teddysmama09

The room  is gave birth in was very luxurious.  It had beautiful hardwood floors, a fireplace and a hot tub. After the birth I recovered on a queen bed with a pillow top mattress while a handful of people catered to my every need. I had haagen daas icecream spoon fed to me during Labour and afterwards was brought a delicious Meal from my favorite restaurant.  My baby and I were the only patients being attended toso we got all our needs cared for. During Labour I watched television on a big flat screen and had access to a fully stocked fridge. The restroom had Italian tile floors and a marble double sink. All these luxuries cost me a total of $200 (the cost of the tub rental). As Dorothy said, "there's no place like home!"

Todd Vrancic

I would venture the opinion that if you want a luxury suite for the baby's birth, maybe a hospital is not the venue you want.

Jacqueline Stevason

One of the things I absolutely love about being Canadian is our health care. Sure, there are problems with it like anywhere else, but for the most part it is pretty decent. The hospital that I am delivering at only has private rooms (covered by OHIP), and the baby rooms in with you unless there are health complications. Baby NEVER leaves your room without you or your support person unless there is an emergency.

nonmember avatar jenna

I don't understand why these dumb bitches can't have their destined-to-be-useless-to-society off spring at home. Keep your small pea brains, money, and selfishness out of the hospitals....

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