Uma Thurman's Baby Name Is Long & Wrong

Uma Thurman and babyThe revelation of Uma Thurman's daughter's name has been a long time in coming. She's stayed publicly silent since delivering her daughter on July 15, and just this week revealed the name, which is, well ... long.

Thurman's rep announced it to People yesterday, and it's one of the more insane interesting names we've heard out of Hollywood in awhile. Ready? Take a deep breath (you're going to need it). It's ...  


Rosalind Arusha Arkadina Altalune Florence Thurman-Busson. Seriously, that's her name. The rep said, “Each name has a special reason and meaning to her mother and father.” And that's lovely, but what a cop-out!

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The whole point of the baby-naming process is to pick one (maybe two) out, not just pick every single name you like and string them together. If I had done that, I'd have a daughter named Eleanor Beatrice Lucy Poppy Mary Margaret Lila Claire Evans. Doesn't exactly roll off your tongue, now does it?

What a horrible precedent to set, too! When you're limited to a first and a middle name, relatives and friends can't get too p.o.'d when you don't use theirs. But when you start a whole list, can you imagine the feelings you could hurt when you start leaving people off of that list?

Not to mention the poor children saddled with these names. Filling out forms will be a nightmare, and they'll be in high school before they learn to write, much less remember, their entire name. And speaking of school, if everyone does this, can you imagine how long graduation ceremonies will last as each long laborious name must be read? And how in the hell do you monogram it?

It's simply too much. So while it's their baby and they can name it anything they want, I truly hope this doesn't become a trend. It may take some of the stress out of picking the one perfect name, but that child is going to pay for that easy out with a lifetime of stress.

What do you think of Uma Thurman's baby name?


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