Dead Grandmother Makes Creepy Appearance in Baby's Sonogram Picture

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ultrasoundYou see a lot of things in those prenatal scans. Little noses. Toes. Fingers, even. But your dead mother-in-law? That's what Marcelo and Phamela de Souza swear they saw in the ultrasound for their daughter. When the girl was just a 10-week-old fetus, the scan revealed what looked to be a face. The face of Marcelo's recently departed mother!

Marcelo says as soon as he saw the ultrasound, he knew it was his mother. "It's her face, no doubt about it at all. She had come back to tell us she was taking care of us." Riiiiight. His mother. Haunting his wife's womb. Happens all the time, I'm sure!

Oh I don't mean to ruin the magic of their lives. I'm sure Marcelo misses his mother very much. It must feel assuring to believe she is watching over his daughter now. Heck, Spalding Gray committed suicide within hours of my son's birth and sometimes I entertain the notion that my son is his reincarnation! (Too much?)

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But that is not the face of the girl's grandmother! That is some blobby uterus tissue or something like that. Come on! You think a dead woman is going to use an ultrasound to communicate with the living? It's SOUND WAVES. There would actually have to be something THERE for the waves to pick up on that image. What is grandma's head doing in that woman's womb? Just floating there to say "Hi!"

Grandma is going to say hello through your coffee grounds, or a puddle of water on the way home from the hospital, or in a mirror, or some other ghosty thing like that. The supernatural have not figured out how to manipulate technology yet. They need bodies to do that.

But like I said, if they love the sensation of having grandma still around, good for them. 

Do you think it's possible for the dead to appear in a sonogram?


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amazz... amazzonia

You have to admit that that blobby thing rally looks like his mothere

Shandi80 Shandi80

Are you kidding? Earth bound spirits can and will manipulate anything with energy that they can...especially electronics, in other words, technology. This is an odd way for a passed on spirit to make itself known, but don't underestimate the spirit world and I'm sure it gave their family a lot of comfort.

cmjaz cmjaz

Actually, that's pretty weird. It looks like grandma's nose and chin. Very uncanny....

alway... alwayscurious

Wow, I was skeptical, but it really looks like her!! Weird.

kelti... kelticmom

Ok, I clicked the link and that is freaky as hell! I don't know about it looking like the grandmother, but it's creepy! Ahhh!

doodl... doodlebut

I don't believe that dead people come back, but that picture is creepy. It looks like her, I think it's just good photo shopping

Akash... AkashaGermaine

Don't know much about ghosts do ya? Ever heard of EVP- that's electronic voice phenomenon, voices in recordings not heard while being recorded. Or EMF that's electromagnetic field and those are given off by entities. Technology is electronic. Electronics give off energy. Ghosts use energy to manifest.

Heath... HeatherMazzone

Whoa it really looks like her! That's so freaky!

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