Woman Gives Birth to Her Own Grandchild to Give Her Daughter the Gift of Motherhood (VIDEO)

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Angie Stockton

A woman in Georgia has just given birth to her own grandson after serving as a gestational carrier for her daughter and son-in-law. Forty-five-year-old Angie Stockton welcomed 7-pound, 12-ounce Tucker Saxon about a week ago, and made her daughter, Krista, a mom -- something she wasn't sure she'd ever be before Angie offered to carry her child.

And if you're thinking this story sounds awfully familiar, it's probably because another grandmother, Linda Sirois, gave birth to her daughter's child this past August.

Angie Stockton is the fourth grandmother in the U.S. to carry her own daughter's child, and to everyone's knowledge, she's the first to do so in Georgia.

She wanted to make sure her daughter experienced the joy of motherhood, even if she wasn't able to carry her baby herself. You can hear Angie's story in her own words in this video clip.


Wow -- doesn't she look amazing for giving birth just a week ago -- not to mention for a grandmother in general!

Of course, at only 45, Angie isn't exactly what most people picture when they hear the word "grandmother." Even though she hadn't been pregnant in 26 years, at her age, her body is likely much better equipped to handle a pregnancy than a grandmother who was further along in life.

Still, considering this is the second time we've heard about a grandmother carrying her own grandchild in the past couple of months, it's hard not to wonder if these women will pave the way for other moms to help their daughters have biological children by acting as gestational carriers for them.

Though there haven't been too many cases yet, it almost seems as though a new trend it beginning, and honestly, odds are good that there are many women out there who wouldn't think twice about doing something like this for their daughters. I can't think of any greater gift a mother can give her child than helping her to become a parent -- and actually, this is an incredible gift for the grandmothers as well. Being pregnant and feeling your baby move inside of you is an amazing feeling in itself -- and being pregnant with your child's baby must take that bond to an entirely different level.

Would you let your mother carry your child? Or would you carry your daughter's baby?


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Colette Kelly

i think that was very wonderfull of her to give her daughter such a special gift

thepan thepan

My 27 yo daughter wasn't sure if she could get pregnant or not because of her medical history. I offered to carry her child years ago if it came to that point. I actually became pregnant myself at 43 and delivered a healthy beautiful baby girl, 6 years ago. My oldest daughter is now 7 months pregnant, with my first grandchild and we couldn't be happier. But had we decided to do this years ago I guess we would have started this "trend". Now that's a weird thought!

Nikki Lyn McDevitt

I can't now, but always knew if it were presented to me I would do it. Years back, while I was having babies I offered to carry one for my sister. However, I would never allow my own mom to do it for me. Pregnancy is risky for an older woman, and I would not have asked my mom to do that for me. Doing for  my daughter, there's no question I would risk my health. Risking my mom's health, no.

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