What's a Water Birth Like? (VIDEO)

Even if you're one of those moms who wants the epidural on the way to the hospital if possible (raises hand), the idea of giving birth at home seems very lovely, gentle and serene compared with the clinical hospital setting. That's what CafeMom member Emily thought too. She had her first daughter at home with a midwife and wanted to do the same with her second daughter, but this time she wanted to do it in the water.

She shares her story here:


They ordered a blow-up pool online...it was just a typical backyard pool like you'd let your kids splash around in. They set it up in the living room of their house a few days before her due date, where it waited and waited...Emily was 11 days past her due date when her daughter finally decided to make her arrival.

Her labor stalled after awhile, so she and her husband took their dog for a walk at a beautiful nearby park to get things moving. It worked, and the rest of labor moved quickly once she got into the pool. Little Charlotte (or not-so-little, she was 8 lbs. 12 oz.!) was born after just three pushes.

"After doing that you feel like you can climb the highest mountain!" Emily says of her experience.


Would you do a water birth?

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