Lady Gaga Throws Up on Stage & Hello! Can You Say Morning Sickness?! (VIDEO)

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You know the old saying: If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then Lady Gaga is pregnant! C'mon. How many Zeppelin-sized hints do we need, folks? She stops dyeing her hair. She has a sudden weight gain. And now she's tossing her cookies on stage. I don't think she's just copycatting Justin Bieber's recent puke-a-palooza. Gaga's got one in the oven. And I don't mean a soufflé. Unless it's a soufflé de bébé.

First, the platinum blonde Gaga goes back to her natural darker hair color. We all know some doctors will recommend women stop bleaching their hair when they become pregnant.

Then there was that whole brouhaha about her weight. Pics showed Gaga a good 10 pounds heavier than usual. And then she tried to distract us with all that talk about weight bullying. Nice try, Gaga.

But now comes the real proof! Concert sickness! Gaga ralphed at least three times on stage during her recent Barcelona show. She even joked about it on Twitter, saying, "Was praying nobody saw but actually its quite a good laugh if u need one! Check out Lady PukeGA doing Swan 'Vomit' Lake."

What more proof do we need, people? When she scarfs down a jar of pickles onstage, don't say I didn't tell you. When she refuses to tour France because that's where brie is made, don't be all shocked.

Look, I don't know if Gaga is really preggo or not. But it wouldn't be that strange, would it? She and boyfriend Taylor Kinney are pretty serious. They even dressed up as bride and groom in one of her videos.

Anyway, like I say, Gaga hasn't shared any news with me. And all of this could be nothing. Or she could be pregnant. Or not. Or.

Do you think Lady Gaga is expecting?

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SickO... SickOfMorons

Is Bieber pregnant too?

Christina Michelle Wolgamot

Wow, not arguing if she is or isn't, but I dont' think I could puke three times then continue on with the show.

nonmember avatar Ak

I've also heard that partying too hard can cause weight gain and vomiting

nonmember avatar taylor

She cant be pregnant, shes a man

Courtney Puzzo

She's not pregnant it's either food poisioning or jet lag. as for her being a man that's a rumor thats never been proven

nonmember avatar Vivian

Have you ever heard of a hangover? Or better yet getting all kinds of sick when you travel. Why's everyone so obsessed with stars being pregnant??

Courtney Puzzo

@Vivian those stars fans are naturally happy for them when they're gonna have a child especially if they've struggled previously with getting/staying pregnant. besides stars don't get a private life now a days like they used to with the paparrazzi being more prevasive and the 24hr news cycle. but the first part of your reply is spot on

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