Mom Gets Pregnant With Quadruplets & They Wind Up Saving Her Life (VIDEO)

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mom of quadruplets with cancer

Finding out you're pregnant and heading to the doctor for your first ultrasound is one of the most exciting times in a woman's life, but one mom from Colorado got way more than she expected when the sonogram machine was turned on.

Ashley Adams learned she was expecting quadruplets -- and though she didn't know it at the time, getting pregnant with those four babies would actually wind up saving her life.

When Ashley was put on bed rest at 21 weeks to avoid going into premature labor, doctors discovered she had thyroid cancer that had spread into her lymph nodes.

And as devastated and scared as she and her husband Andy were about the possibility of her not making it through her cancer battle, they knew they had to remain strong for the sake of their four miracle babies. Ashley's cancer required a seven-hour surgery in order to remove the tumors, and doctors thought it was just way too risky for her to have it until after the babies' birth.

OMG. I can't even begin to imagine just how heartbreaking that time must have been for the couple. But it definitely sounds like they had the right attitude about what they were facing. Ashley says, "For the first two days it was scary, but the rest of the time we put it out of our heads. I couldn’t stress because the babies would stress."

On August 26, three baby girls, Rylie, Braelynn, and Samantha, and one baby boy, Wyatt, made their entrance into the world, and while they are still in the intensive care unit, they are expected to be ok and will go home with their parents sometime in the next couple months.

And as for Ashley's cancer? Well, she had the surgery and is doing well -- but it's obvious that like any new mom, the well being of her babies is her primary concern. She's even delaying radiation and chemotherapy as long as she can because she wants to be able to breastfeed her children.

Don't you just love a story with a happy ending? And isn't it incredible how these babies managed to save their mother's life, simply by existing? Ashley summed it up best by saying, "If we didn’t get pregnant with quads we would have never come to the hospital. I wouldn’t have had the doctor I had. I never would have found the cancer."

I don't know about you, but I'm a huge believer in the "everything happens for a reason" philosophy. And what happened to Ashley sounds remarkably similar to what happened to The Stir's own blogger Joanna Montgomery, whose fallopian tube cancer was discovered during her daughter's c-section birth. It never would've been found otherwise.

Hearing stories like these should serve as such an important reminder to never take our health or our children for granted, and to always realize that things have a way of working out even when situations seem absolutely hopeless and unbearable.

You can hear more about Ashley's journey in this video clip. It's so wonderful that she and her babies are ok!


Have you or anyone you know discovered a medical condition because of a pregnancy?


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nonmember avatar mandy

I'm fairly certain if her children were given a choice her children would rather have their mom not die due to a delay in cancer treatment then be breastfeed by her.

Angie Bugaj Stickley

I have to agree with Mandy. While breastfeeding is a huge "plus" these days (and talked about ad nauseum), I think the cancer treatment should come first.

nonmember avatar Sarah.S.

Breast milk is incredibly beneficial for premature babies. While it may seem silly to delay treatment to breast feed her babies, you never know what she could be saving Ryen from.

heyth... heythereelizah

What a selfish woman. Give them some damn formula and get the proper treatment so they don't have to live without a mother. Jesus. People are so dumb.

Tara Morris

Preemies who are fed formula are at much higher risk for a number of things, including things that can kill them.  Breastfeeding them for a little while will help prevent these things.  It didn't say she was putting ot off forever, just as long as possible. I would guess she consulted her doctors before making that decision.  So, yeah, you're right, she's being so selfish to want to try to keep her babies as healthy as possible and get them through the roughest part of their first year with breastmilk.  Get over yourselves.

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