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PinkJane PinkJane

I think it's mostly in the genes... I had twins and 9 days after having them, I could fit right back into my pre-pregnancy jeans, even though I had gained around 55 lbs during pregnancy. I am so thankful! Lucky Lucky! 

Chan_... Chan_Brawner88

I don't think its anything special... Most of them are wearing black, and very carefully dressed. Also in hollywood they get a c section and tummy tuck simultaneously.... That doesn't impress me. Thats something anyone with money can do.

Nj Eirojnkcin

It's a lot of things... weight gained during pregnancy, the shape you were in and stay in during pregnancy, genetics, how hard you work afterwards, diet, etc. My first two I didn't have to work to get back into my pre-pregnancy clothes.. they fit the day after giving birth but my last two took me over 6 mos to shrink down and a year to fully regain my pre-baby body. These women's careers require them to be in exceptional shape so most likely they were dieting (to an extent) and working out throughout their pregnancy and hit the gym 3weeks post-partum. I hate how you have to have the page reload everytime you hit the arrow >=/ Oh and Snooki looks like a $2.00 hooker! A sweatshirt does not constitute a mini-dress, j/s.

nonmember avatar Beth

While some of these celebrities have trainers and such to help them bounce back after pregnancy, some women just have bodies that bounce back on their own. I just gave birth 3 days ago and a stranger would never know by looking at me. Not bragging, but just saying that some women, who aren't celebrities shrink back down almost immediately without trying.

onefo... onefootcutiepie

How is it "shocking" if it's what happens to all celebrities?

Histo... HistoryMamaX3

Its all about money and good underwear, for the most part. lol

If I had someone that could watch my little ones while I spent an hour at the gym every day- I'd look awesome. Also, they have chefs and personal assistants that aid in their day to day life and allows them a chance to eat better than most. Plus, it is there job- they better be getting back into shape, or they'll lose all that money!

BGarcel BGarcel

I had 2 children and for both it took 2 months for me to get back to prebaby weight. To get back into shape though it took 3-4 months. As many have said before, it's a mix of many things that determines how quickly a mother can get back into pre-pregnancy body.

Something else to think about: as been said, these women have money to use to get back into shape. But for most of them, how much money they make depends on their body, so they have that incentive to get back into shape.

Melis... Melissa1508

It doesn't just apply to celebrities.  Some of us don't gain insane amounts of weight during pregnancy.  Some of us are in awesome shape before we get pregnant.  I am four months post partum and am skinnier now than I was before I got pregnant.  I don't have tons of money, I don't have a trainer or a chef.  I work full time, run a household and go to school.  Genes definitely play a part, but realistically you can't gain 50 or 60 pounds and expect it to magically fall right off.  It takes work. 

nonmember avatar Jess

It's simple, they chose themselves over their children. Such as choosing to formula feed instead of breast feed, and have a nanny taking care of the child while they spent hours at the gym. When you breast feed, you have to eat constantly and have good rest to keep good nutrition in your body to be able to supply both yourself and baby a healthy diet. These women obviousley chose to look good instead. Tisk Tisk. So sad! Why have children at all if you want to pawn them off to someone else for your own vanity?

Princ... Princessofscots

Wow Jess, judgemental much. Eating constantly, doesn't equal being heavy.

Not all celebrities "pawn their kids off" either. And to be fit you don't need to spend HOURS in the gym.


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