15 'Girl' Names That Sound Much Better on Boys

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boy's namesJohnny Cash sang famously about a "Boy Named Sue," and while it seems that things have changed a bit, it's still not always easy for a boy with a "girl's" name. But that doesn't mean we shouldn't give them. The fact is: sometimes a "girl's name" is just better on a boy.

My son Alan shares his name with a girl, and while I like it on her, I must say, I prefer it on my little man. I think a name like Sam (my daughter's name) is probably equally good on a girl or a boy, but a name like Avery is just better on a boy.

Obviously, these are my opinions, but here are 15 "girl" names that sound much better on a boy:

  1. Ashley: In Gone With the Wind, the object of Scarlett O'Hara's love is Ashley Wilkes (try to avoid a Southern accent when saying that, I dare you), and while it has become a "girl's" name in recent years, I still far prefer it for a boy. Also, it's my dad's name.
  2. Aaron: Obviously the girl's name is spelled Erin, but I still prefer this name on a boy.
  3. Loren: Again, this is one where the name is spelled differently for a girl. But I happen to think it's a really neat name for a boy.
  4. Adrian: I love this name on both boys and girls, but I think it should be used more for boys.
  5. Andy: Pretty in Pink made me love this on a girl. But generally I think it's a better name for a boy.
  6. Finley: This is just adorable on a boy. I wouldn't like it nearly as much on a girl.
  7. Gray: This works well on a boy. Not so much on a female.
  8. Greer: This seems way more masculine to me.
  9. Kevin: I have only known one girl named Kevin, but I think even she would have said it's a better boy name.
  10. Phoenix: Hippy? Yes. But also really nice.
  11. Sage: Again with the crunchy! Sorry, but I love this male name.
  12. Vick: I can't imagine this working too well on a female. But I love it on a boy.
  13. Ryan: This IS a boy name. Period. Is nothing sacred?
  14. Ellis: Boy's name. Period.
  15. Alex: I have to give the slight edge to boys named Alex, though I do think it works on either sex.

What "girl" name do you like on boys?


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Stink... Stinkydog

Not to be obnoxious :) (seriously)--I much prefer Sasha for a boy.. It's a lovely name, I just like it better for boys.

morga... morgani6904

Depends on how you look at it. My name is Morgan and growing up it was only ever heard on little boys. Drove me nuts cause all the kids would say I had a boy name. My sons name is Christian. But I've heard it on little girls too. I guess both of our names are gender neutral but it still irritates me that people assume Christian is a girl just by hearing his name and I'm constantly correcting them.

Courtney Puzzo

@Stinkydog Sasha is spelled different for boys as in Sacha and is the russian form of alexander. most of those are unisex names as in Carol Joey Kelly Kim & Nikki  as for Ashley being better suited for boys is the author forgetting Gone With The Wind takes place during the civil war. Joey for example is the most common diminutive form of the Male name Joseph as in Judy Garland's son Joseph "Joey" Wiley Luft and for girls of Joanne as in academy award winning screen legend Joanne "Joey" Gillisant Trimmier Woodward

carole76 carole76

My children's names are Charley and Carson, Charley is my oldest and is a girl, and Carson is my youngest and he is a boy. When I introduce my kids people always want to call my oldest Carson.

cmjaz cmjaz

Maxwell definately needs to stay a boys name. I'm looking at you, Jessica!

Stink... Stinkydog

Yes, spelled differently, but pronounced the same--just as in her example of Loren..

Nolanzo Nolanzo

In my high school (grad'ed 1993) class... we had boys named one of each: Kelly, Stacey, and Jodie. There were TWO Shannon's in the class of '92, and another Jodi and another Kelley in the class of '94. This is in western new York. :) in a two-horse town with LOTS of dairy farms. Cowboys. :)

nonmember avatar TRACY

Every Avery I've ever heard of or met was a girl...this article is just odd to me.

nonmember avatar Sarah.S.

Sorry, but those are all boys names. They are boys names that have been used for girls, but that doesn't negate the fact that they are etymologically masculine names.

Ashley, Courtney, Whitney, Morgan, Madison, Cameron, Riley, Avery etc etc etc have been male named for more years than they have ever been girls names.

In England a lot of these names are still male names.

Just because some unoriginal parents plopped them onto girls doesn't make them girls names.

If I named my son Isabella would it automatically become a boys name? Would it even become unisex? Nope, even if ten people named their sons Isabella it would still be called a girls name!

Girls names I like better on boys:


Rose (I know a Rowes and on a guy the name becomes strong)



Aunt_... Aunt_ning

I despise the name Ashley, but maybe because I am a huge Gone with the Wind Fan (book and movie) and I think Ashley is the weakest man ever. He is a wimp so whenever I hear a boy named Ashley I always think of him a slightly feminine with no back bone.

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