Woman Has 5 Miscarriages & Cervical Cancer and Still Gets Her Miracle Baby

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newborn handHaving to go through the pain of a miscarriage is nothing short of devastating, especially when it happens not once, but multiple times. It can be so tough to hold on to the hope of becoming pregnant after such a terrible loss -- which is something Amy Newton knows all too well.

After suffering five miscarriages in one year, Amy became pregnant for a sixth time -- but her joy was short-lived because just nine weeks after finding out she was expecting, she was diagnosed with cervical cancer. And you can only imagine her heartbreak when her doctors suggested she terminate her pregnancy in order to have chemotherapy treatment.

(OMG. Can you even imagine having five miscarriages, and then being told you had to make the decision to end a pregnancy because of cancer?)

Amy refused to give up her dream of having a baby, so she opted for surgery to remove a portion of her cervix instead and hoped for the best -- even though both she and her husband expected the worst.

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She said, "The doctors had removed a lot of my cervix so there was a very real chance that my body might not be able to support the baby."

But it turns out Amy's body was much more resilient than she thought, and on July 18 of this year, she and her husband welcomed a healthy baby girl, who they named Ruby.

The couple calls the baby their "little miracle," and there honestly isn't a better way to describe her. And after all of the heartache Amy and her husband had to go through to get their perfect little daughter, their story has to offer a ray of hope to other parents who are trying to come to terms with situations as seemingly hopeless as miscarriage and reproductive cancer.

If this couple was still able to conceive and delivery a beautiful, thriving baby girl after enduring both miscarriage and cancer, then they are living proof that miracles do happen -- and no one should ever give up their dream of becoming parents, even when it seems like the odds are stacked against them.

Have you experienced any of the same struggles? Does Amy's story offer you hope?


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LoveM... LoveMyViolet

I have a friend who also found out she had cervical cancer while she was pregnant (13 weeks). She also went through chemo while pregnant. She delivered a girl 2 months early and she is now a healthy 6 month old and she is in remission. 

corri... corrinacs

I am so glad this story had such a happy ending :). Congrats :)

nonmember avatar Holly

I broke my water at 13 wks . My son was born at 28 wks an 3 days. He is a healthy happy little 2 yr old miracles do happen

nonmember avatar Jamie

I had 8 miscarriages and was told my only hope to have a baby was with donor egg and donor sperm or adoption. I believe that taking a break from all of the treatments, tracking and the obsession with trying to have a baby, gave us our miracle baby. After 2 years of trying to conceive and 8 miscarriages, we had a healthy baby girl. I never gave up hope on bringing home a miracle baby!

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