21 'Boy' Names That Sound Better on Girls

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androgynous namesAndrogynous names are all the rage these days. Why name only a boy Taylor when the name is just as cute on a girl? Shawn can be a female or male and be just as cool. After all, why should boys get all the fun? Boys' names are pretty adorable!

In fact, in my son's class alone, there is a little girl who shares his name (Alan), and I will say it's equally sweet on them both. As the daughter of a man named Ashley who grew up being addressed as Mrs., I know it wasn't easy to have a name that was associated with girls.

But things are changing and my guess is now, 30 years from now, no one will assume any gender when it comes to names. Here's my list of "boy" names that sound better on girls.

  1. Scout: I have loved this name ever since To Kill a Mockingbird.
  2. Dani: Could be short for Danielle or just Dani by itself. Either way, it's a very cute name, especially for a little girl.
  3. Charlie: This is a great nickname for Charlotte and works very well on a little girl.
  4. Sam: My daughter's name!
  5. Cameron: I have known more men than women with this name, but it sure does work on Cameron Diaz, no?
  6. Jesse: This is spelled Jessie for a girl (usually) but is a great mixed-sex name.
  7. Kai: This one is a bit new age-y, but it works for both sexes. I like it a lot.
  8. Devon: I think I like this better on a girl!
  9. Parker: Parker Posey made this cool.
  10. Reagan: At this point this is probably considered more female than male, but it works either way.
  11. Shawn: As mentioned above. Very sweet, no?
  12. Mack: Could be short for Mackenzie, but I once knew a Mack who was just that and it fit her perfectly.
  13. Shane: See Shawn above.
  14. Marley: Definitely better on a girl, I think.
  15. Emerson: This one is gaining in popularity.
  16. Quinn: Glee made this one soar.
  17. Casey: This might be ruined by Casey Anthony, but I maintain that this is a good name for girls. It could also be cute if it's short for something else. My friend is Kristin C. and we call her KC. Very cute.
  18. Skylar: This one is truly androgynous. Works for both boys and girls in equally good ways.
  19. Riley: I have a cousin named Riley and this is one I definitely like better on a girl.
  20. Sloane: Love this one a girl.
  21. Sasha: Hey look! It's my name! Ever since I was a little girl, I have been told Sasha is a diminutive in Russia for Alexander. I still think it's better on a girl. Take that!

Which do you like best?


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linzemae linzemae


nonmember avatar Mike M

If one is interested in learning how common it is for a name to be used for each gender you can go to namestatistics.com and look it up.

And Tristan is typically a male name but the first person I met (the singer/songwriter Tristan Prettyman) who has that name is female so I tend not to think of that as a male name.

cassi... cassie_kellison

I know Hayden is for both boys and girls, but I always found it more masculine than feminine. My nephew is a Hayden, so maybe thats why.

nonmember avatar Blush

Quinn is the only one I like. It makes me sad to see great boys' names made feminized because people keep using them on girls. I love Morgan on a boy but it is considered a girl's name. Any -son name is masculine (that includes Madison).

Quinn127 Quinn127

Quinn is my name, and my daughter is Kendall. I also like the name Blake for a girl.

nonmember avatar Carolyn

Sasha is also the diminutive for Alexandra, so not really claiming a boys name there.

we2an... we2angels

then when you go to name a son you're stuck... either give him a name that a girl has or stuck with old ones like John

nonmember avatar Sarah.S.

What a stupid trend. I would hate to be a boy and share my name with a girl. If I named my son a name that suddenly blew up in popularity for girls I would probably change his name.

So it's acceptable to name a girl Shane, right? Would you name your son Bella or Sophia or Caylee? Why not? Isn't twisting genders 'so cute'? Or is it only cute when we make girls masculine.....

zombi... zombiemommy916

I've been having a hard time with names because my first two are named after southern cities...Savannah and Jackson...I wanted to keep with tradition, but found my choices somewhat limited with this one...however, I didn't even think of Charlotte!!! We don't know the sex yet, so any suggestions for boys would be awesome...

Taylo... TaylorFam02

Zombiemommy- Austin is a good one.

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