'Pregnant Man' Plans On Having a Fourth Child With New Girlfriend

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Pregnant ManDo you remember Thomas Beatie, AKA "The Pregnant Man"? He was born as a woman, Tracy Lagondino, in Hawaii in 1974, but went on to have a state-authorized sex change before marrying his wife Nancy in 2003. Beatie, who kept his female sexual organs, underwent artificial insemination and became pregnant in 2007, which caused an international controversy (heightened, no doubt, by the eye-popping images of him posing for photos with a giant belly and beard).

Beatie had two more children quickly afterwards during a short window of not taking testosterone, but his marriage eventually fell apart. The couple filed for divorce last April, and Beatie was temporarily granted full custody of his children.

These days, he's with a new girlfriend. And apparently he's hoping to have a fourth child. Oh, and also? He's hoping that his girlfriend gets pregnant at the same time as he does.

I gotta say, I consider myself pretty open minded, but ... WOW.

Beatie's once-bucolic marriage seems like it went down in flames in a fairly dramatic fashion, with a judge delaying the divorce because he questioned whether or not the marriage was even valid (the judge felt that since both Beatie and his wife had female sex organs, their union was a same sex marriage, which isn't legal in Arizona). Beatie also got custody of the kids after convincing a court that his wife Nancy was a violent alcoholic who would attack him in front of the children.

Yeesh, right? Here's a short clip of Beatie talking about his divorce battle:

He must have remained optimistic about finding true love, because he has a new girlfriend, Amber Nicholas. He recently told U.K.'s Sunday Mirror that he wants a fourth child, and he's prepared to go through another pregnancy if need be:

Amber and I are totally smitten. We would love kids ­together and we are already discussing it. Being pregnant was the most ­incredible experience, but we want Amber to do it this time around. I think it would be amazing to experience ­pregnancy as the father. It is just about which one of us would be more successful at ­having a baby. It is even ­possible we could both be pregnant at the same time. Amber suggested we both try to get pregnant and ­whoever gets there first goes through with it.

Okay. I just ... I'm trying to wrap my head around this, but it's kind of tough. I mean, different strokes for different folks and all that, but jeez, he's already got three kids to consider. Doesn't it seem like they probably have enough to deal with, what with their dad having given birth to them (!) and their mom losing custody and their parents being in the midst of a horrific divorce fight and their dad having a new girlfriend and all?

It's not even so much the fact that he wants another kid, it's that he seems to have such a laissez-faire attitude about the whole process and how it will impact his family. La la la, we'll just both try to get pregnant and see what happens! Race you to the pee stick!

As for the, ah, mechanics of it all, Beatie apparently has a penis now, but still has a womb. In 2008, he explained how he felt about pregnancy:

Despite the fact that my belly is growing with a new life inside me, I am stable and confident being the man that I am. In a technical sense I see myself as my own surrogate, though my gender identity as male is constant.

Again, I can really only say "wow" to this whole story. At any rate, I hope that wherever his life goes from here, his kids are happy, and their mom gets healthy so she can be part of their lives again too.

What do you think about this? Do you think it's a good idea for Thomas Beatie to have more kids?

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LSeab... LSeabolt1982

It doesnt say he hopes they are pregnant together. It states they could both try and whoever ends up pregnant first goes through.

Histo... HistoryMamaX3

Well, the first problem lies within his own words- he and his girlfriend are, "Smitten." That is not a term that you use to refer to a person that you are ready to have children with- possibly, when they are in a more mature state within their relationship to be past the, smitten, stage they could bring another life into this world.

Aside from that- well, I see him as a camera kind of person... he wants to be noticed and in the spotlight, and if another pregnancy will do that, then he's totally game. *sigh* Again, a rather poor reason to become a parent.

nonmember avatar Lilac

What I don't understand is how he has facial hair if he is a she and I say she because of the female intact organs. If they added a male organ I would say hermaphrodite.

nonmember avatar KA


Caera Caera

Not a pregnant man. She's a pregnant woman who is delusional.

"Smitten" is not a good reason to have a child.


momof... momof030404

SHE had  baby. I find this person to be incredibly selfish, and detrimental to people trying to legitimately cross barriers having been born in the wrong body. If SHE truly thinks SHE is a he then go all in! This fence riding makes the entire thing look like a choice and rows against the grain of the belief that you are "born" feeling a certain way. 

fave82 fave82


nonmember avatar Nyah

i'm sorry but this person is not a man nor a transsexual if he/she truly felt they were a man and wanted to be a man they would not want to be pregnant they would want to have their female organs removed and have gender reassignment this person is just a media whore looking for any attention she/he can get

Laura-Kathleen Redman

Holy transphobia in the comment section!


Gender is fluid, sex is not.  Your ovaries and testes determine your biological sex, but not your gender. 

I say good for them.  :)  If they want to expand their family, and they have the means to do it, then that's their prerogative regardless of what people think of the way they do it or whether he carries their child or not. 

As long as your kids are fed, clothed, and loved, that's what matters -- not what a bunch of transphobic strangers on the Internet think or what judgments they place on his gender identity vs. the sex he was born with.

nonmember avatar Happydad

What if I decide to come up with an new gender and decide to call myself remale or foman? I should be allowed to because gender is fluid and who are you to say I can't? Now that I have changed my gender, I am gonna sue under the equal protections clause and make all business make a special restroom just for my kind. Sound ridiculous? So does fluid genders where someone can pick whether they are male or female. This is not a man who had a baby, its a woman playing dress up.

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