Blake Lively's Rumored Pregnancy Makes Her Quickie Wedding Understandable

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Blake Lively
Is that a baby bump?
Well, well, well -- surprise, surprise. A mere week and a half after her spontaneous wedding to Ryan Reynolds, new rumors are swirling saying Blake Lively is pregnant with her first child.

Supposedly the cast and crew of Gossip Girl is convinced that Blake has a bun in the oven for two reasons: Because she's "glowing," and she's pigging out on the set, which is uncharacteristic compared to her usual "25-year-old celeb who's watching her girlish figure" eating style.

And while her beaming demeanor and hunger for a few extra morsels of food may simply be a result of her newfound happiness -- Blake being pregnant does seem to be highly probable, and it definitely makes sense out of her quickie wedding.

If she and Ryan are set to become parents in the next few months, it's really not a huge shock that they tied the knot before spilling the beans on expecting a little one. And if they did decide to speed up their nuptials and become Mr. and Mrs. Reynolds because they knew there was a baby on the way, they made a very smart move.

While I don't necessarily think pregnant women have to get married the second they find out they're expecting, taking the plunge does give the baby a much better foundation right from the start, and it shows the parents are committed to having a family together. And as far as being pregnant goes, personally -- I can't imagine going through something that major without the love and support of my husband.

If I had gotten pregnant before our wedding, I'm pretty sure I would've done everything possible to get the date bumped up so that we were husband and wife before our son arrived. And if I could've helped it, I'd have done it while I was still in my first trimester so I wouldn't have to walk down the aisle with a big ol' baby bump sticking out of my dress.

Soooo -- will we be hearing a baby announcement from Blake and Ryan in the near future? Or will a little Reynolds be kept off the radar just as well as their surprise wedding was? They seem like pretty private people, so I doubt they'll be shouting it from the rooftops if Blake is, indeed, pregnant. But it's not like she's going to be able to conceal a growing belly for too much longer.

*Update -- Blake Lively's rep is denying the pregnancy report, calling it "completely untrue."

Did you get pregnant before or after you were married? Do you think it made a difference in how secure you felt dealing with such a huge life change?


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nonmember avatar Karen

Oh my gosh. It is 2012. There are ALL kinds of families who have very well balanced children and may not have had those children while married. Kids do not care if their parents have a certificate that states their marital status. They care if they have a parent, or parents, who love them and support them and foster their healthy development. There are plenty of married couples who have children after the wedding and are awful parents, and shouldn't be together. It doesn't necessarily make it better just to have married parents. I have also been to a few weddings where the child was present and participated in their parent's wedding, and those ceremonies were even more beautiful for that reason.

ajb246 ajb246

Im a huge believer in getting married because you want to, getting married bc your pregnant, not the way to go, my parents did and life was hell and they divorced, im now married for the last year to my 3 kids father, our oldest is almost 10, middle is 6 youngest is 5. We waited till we were ready, not cuz i got knocked up.

Michele Lopez

Yes.  Let's set the stage correctly for an young ladies reading this article.  First get married, second pregnant and then third-baby, this is the correct order of adulthood!!

tammy... tammyc1106

Just because you are not married when you have a child does not been that your foundation is any less strong than a couple who gets married after children. Our daughter was 2 years old when we got married and then we had our second 9 months later! Yes i was about a month pregnant when we got married; OMG!! And weare still together 9 years later and still act like we are newly weds.. What about gay parents who can't get married; let me guess you would say they shouldn't be parents because they are gay right? Quit being so judgemental. But then again that's what is wrong with this world so many judgemental people in this world! If people are happy with their lifestyles and how they choose to parent and when they choose to marry then so be it; who are any of you to judge.

Katrina Siekierka

I think you really need to leave you holier than thou opinion out of this article. I also think you wanted to start a debate to get more people to read your articles. How is it any less secure to not be married if you still have your man with you during the pregnancy. Is a man not as good before you marry him than the minute after? Is there a magical transformation that happens Disney style at the alter?? I have been with my man for 15 years, engaged for 13 1/2. We have 3 kids together 12,8, and 2. I have seen couples married and divorced in that time. Cheaters and quitters. Marriage does not make the man, commitment does!

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