Blake Lively's Rumored Pregnancy Makes Her Quickie Wedding Understandable

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Blake Lively
Is that a baby bump?
Well, well, well -- surprise, surprise. A mere week and a half after her spontaneous wedding to Ryan Reynolds, new rumors are swirling saying Blake Lively is pregnant with her first child.

Supposedly the cast and crew of Gossip Girl is convinced that Blake has a bun in the oven for two reasons: Because she's "glowing," and she's pigging out on the set, which is uncharacteristic compared to her usual "25-year-old celeb who's watching her girlish figure" eating style.

And while her beaming demeanor and hunger for a few extra morsels of food may simply be a result of her newfound happiness -- Blake being pregnant does seem to be highly probable, and it definitely makes sense out of her quickie wedding.

If she and Ryan are set to become parents in the next few months, it's really not a huge shock that they tied the knot before spilling the beans on expecting a little one. And if they did decide to speed up their nuptials and become Mr. and Mrs. Reynolds because they knew there was a baby on the way, they made a very smart move.

While I don't necessarily think pregnant women have to get married the second they find out they're expecting, taking the plunge does give the baby a much better foundation right from the start, and it shows the parents are committed to having a family together. And as far as being pregnant goes, personally -- I can't imagine going through something that major without the love and support of my husband.

If I had gotten pregnant before our wedding, I'm pretty sure I would've done everything possible to get the date bumped up so that we were husband and wife before our son arrived. And if I could've helped it, I'd have done it while I was still in my first trimester so I wouldn't have to walk down the aisle with a big ol' baby bump sticking out of my dress.

Soooo -- will we be hearing a baby announcement from Blake and Ryan in the near future? Or will a little Reynolds be kept off the radar just as well as their surprise wedding was? They seem like pretty private people, so I doubt they'll be shouting it from the rooftops if Blake is, indeed, pregnant. But it's not like she's going to be able to conceal a growing belly for too much longer.

*Update -- Blake Lively's rep is denying the pregnancy report, calling it "completely untrue."

Did you get pregnant before or after you were married? Do you think it made a difference in how secure you felt dealing with such a huge life change?


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nonmember avatar Can't wait

Hahaha. I can't wait until alllll the single Moms read this and freak out. "u r so mean!!! Their r lots of single momma who do good for there babbies. I had my dd when I was just 15 and didn't have no help from theyre daddy! Now I'm a gramma at 32 and i couldn't of been prouder"

Ready... Go!

Alain... Alainalynn

hottest baby ever!!

nv2507 nv2507

We got engaged and married after our son was born. Almost two years after. Our kid didn't know any different. Our foundation was just as strong and I was just as supported by my now husband. There was little talk of marriage during the pregnancy, it was a given. Just a later down the line given. My DH didn't want people thinking he married me just because we had a child together. 

Different strokes for different folks. 

I wouldn't say a marriage makes a better foundation. I know tons of people with horrible marriages and new babies. The best foundation is a healthy relationship, married or not, that is filled with love, respect and support. THAT is what a child needs to be born into. 

nonmember avatar Jessi

My fiance and I became engaged 3 months prior to my pregnancy. We agreed from the start on a long engagement. I want everything to be planned out and as close to perfect in our eyes as we can get it.If you truly believe it's a once in a lifetime event would you want to rush through with a paper napkin, plastic silverware, paper plate type of shotgun wedding or would you do it right? I don't believe our daughter will think any less of us for waiting a bit before taking the plunge. Family has approached us asking "when's the big day?" I simply respond with "When [our daughter] is old enough to walk unassisted down the aisle as our flower girl"

Currently we're saving for the big day and plan an autumn 2014 wedding. Our daughter will be just over 2 years old.

nonmember avatar Mandy

I got pregnant before my husband and I got married. It was a planned pregnancy, and our daughter was 10 months old when we did get married. I loved the fact that she got to be a part of it!

Tripl... TripleC14

I have a pretty traditional view of marriage/babies. I feel if you're not ready to make the commitment to marriage, then you shouldn't be planning kids together. So we waited to get PG until after our wedding. But, different strokes...

nonmember avatar Technobee

Are you just putting bait out there to start a debate? You really think that being married is being more committed? Ryan is a man who is a serial long-term relationship guy. He was engaged to Alanis for like 3 years. And then he was married to Scarlet for two years. Yes, he was supposedly committed to them, but those relationships ended. Being married has nothing to do with your commitment level or your ability to work things out as a couple. And yes, I'm married - for over 13 years.

jessi... jessicasmom1

so what if she is carrying a child they are married and what a beautiful baby it will be!

Schuy... Schuyler82

NO, I do not think getting married has anything to do with my security as a person or my children's "start" in life. If you have a good relationship with the person that knocked you up then you do and if you don't then marriage will not change or improve it.

I am in a great marriage, and I did find out I was pregnant before it started and refused to get married before my son came. I did this so that later in life if my marriage ever has a low my son doesn't think any problem between me and my husband is in any way his fault. They can do math and even if you marry in the first trimester they will know. I never want him to think 1. I was ashamed if being pregnant with him or 2. My marriage has anything to do with him.

Not everyone has the triditional viewpoint you do.

Courtney Puzzo

 she not pregnant her rep denied it and if she was it wouldn't be any of the publics god damn business they are c-list actors at best. Michael Neeson was born 11 3/4 months after his parents wedding and if his mum were still alive they'd still be married

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