Tori Spelling's Emergency Surgery Makes Moms Rethink Scheduled C-Sections

tori spellingAt a time she should be celebrating the birth of son Fin Davey born August 30, Tori Spelling is facing an unexpected health scare. Just a couple weeks after her delivery via cesarean section, the 90210 alum had to undergo emergency surgery.

The reason she found herself back in the hospital? Complications from her c-section, according to her rep. 


It's a sad turn for the mom of four who shocked fans by getting pregnant with her fourth child about a month after giving birth to daughter Hattie. My first reaction? No Freaking Way! I wasn't alone. Most women don't even want to think about sex in the first weeks after delivery. Though many more moms will undoubtedly be able to sympathize with -- if not relate to -- Tori's current health situation.

This is a scary reminder that c-sections are major surgery. They are done so often, it's easy to forget the procedure is not without risks. Infection, hemorrhage, and injury to organs are among the complications, though they are rare. It used to be that a cesarean itself was a rarity, but now they seem to happen all the time. So much so, the possibility of it didn't bother me in the least. When my doctor first told me that I would have to have one, I remember actually being a bit relieved. The thought of a vaginal delivery scared the hell out of me. Though soon, that painful post-surgery recuperation would make me rethink those fears.

A part of me envied those moms who pushed out their babies and were out and about a day later. At one point, I was in so much discomfort I actually wondered if something wasn't put back in the right place. Everything was fine. I just hadn't mentally prepared. I was so focused on getting the baby here in the safest way possible, I didn't even think about how hard a c-section would be on my body.

Of course Tori's plight is much more frightening. I can't even imagine having two c-sections within one year (first for daughter Hattie last October and then Finn last month). The details of exactly what went wrong have not been revealed, but it sounds like she is on the mend, thank God. Her rep added, "She remains in the hospital and is resting comfortably."

Did you have a c-section? What was your recovery like?


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