Painless Labor Really Is Possible (VIDEO)

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Birth StoryIt seems that for many women, child birth is a very subjective thing. Stories range from women who claim they had "orgasmic" births to women who say they were miserable every second of their labor and never want to do it again. For me, the number one take away from my to labors was this: most times labor is what you imagine it will be. Your mind can make it horrible or great. It depends on what you believe it will be.

A Cafe Mom Studios Birth Story piece recently told Dania M's story. Her birth story is a wild one and really shows how the mind can dictate what labor is like and that there is no one, universal experience. Dania had done all the research she could to prepare for having a baby, but when she was induced, the experience was far different than she had imagined. See below:

She had imagined horrific pain and screaming agony, but when it came time to be "induced" when she was two weeks late, she did not realize she was in labor because it did not feel like what she expected. She did not know she was in labor until her daughter was crowning!

It is such a lesson in the truth about labor (and parenthood in general). All the planning in the world can't tell you what labor will feel like and if you expect one thing and something else happens, it can really change your perspective.

In fact, Dania might have felt a great deal more "pain" if her labor had gone in the textbook fashion. Because her expectations were altered, she did not feel as much "pain." Kind of groovy, no?

The entire idea behind Hypnobirthing (the method I used to deliver my kids) is that we can use our minds to control our bodies. Instead of "contractions" we say surges, instead of "pain," we say "pressure." After a while, it does start to change your perspective.

The way we think of labor in our culture -- painful, awful, needing to be medicated -- leads to births that are painful, awful, and need to be medicated.

Dania's lesson -- and the lesson of many women who have unexpected births -- is that we can't plan much of anything about labor. It is what it is. How it feels and how we react are all individual and the way we think about it all is probably the most important factor at work.

Was your labor what you thought it would be?



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jalaz77 jalaz77

It depends on the mom and her pain tolerance. Someone who whines and whines over a stubbed toe will never achieve an all natural birth. Like those women who also have a little head cold and blow it out of proportion will also have an unsuccessful natural birth and there is nothing wrong with that, really. I am not going to one up this mom like some do but good for her for having this great ride! My labors were what I imagined however the pitocin birth was by far my hardest.

2nino... 2ninos4me

i have two babies and i can honestly say tha to me it was more painful to take a walk around the block then giving birth . im not afraid to give birth nor do i find it as painful as i have heard from other moms , but i know i am lucky to not have had a bad experience:)

Melissa Brannam

yes, and more painful then I imagined! I was induced with both my kids and I asked for the epidural when I got to the hospital with my 2nd one...

Aundria Cooper Premo

Insanity! Lucky gal. My first I was induced at 42 1/2 weeks as well. Labor lasted over 24 hours and the epidural didn't work, not even a little. So they removed it at 6 cm. Oh the pain..... I waited 11 years to have another, I was VERY scarred by the whole birth experience. My next was an emergency cesarean, though, as labor didn't progress and my blood pressure went sky high, above stroke level. So under general I went and baby was born. Finally, my last son was a planned cesarean with a spinal block. It was perfect. Maybe some moms don't understand how I could be so happy to have cesareans, but I do.  The last one, the planned surgery, was what I consider perfect. Awake and alert and seeing him at pain whatsover, PERFECTION :))

kisse... kisses5050

first  birth.. crazy chaotic.. his parter was there ...left me to go to church... my baby was painful .. finally a last minute epidural and a c section.. second birth my OB said nooooo way was it going to be a bad experince he had a mid wife with me every minute... massaging me .. prepping me with hot towels( yes that is what the hot towels from movies are for) there was no medication... no pain... He would come in every fifteen minutes to check on me... and it was an awesome experince

the4m... the4mutts

All 4 of my births were FANTASTIC! I went all natural with my first 3, then got an epidural with my 4th, because he was induced, which upped my pain past an unnatural, and unmanageable point, and lucky I did! He was 9.5lbs. But they turned it off when I asked, and I still got to feel myself deliver him.

The most painful natural birth was #3. She was turned sunny side up. But even then, with no pain meds at all, I only gave one little yelp right when she crowned. My births were all short, and pleasant. Longest pushing time was #1, for a total of 10 pushes. #2 came out in 3 pushes.

I've been incredibly blessed with "child bearing hips" lol

the4m... the4mutts

Btw, to all the commenters- thanks for not being assholes and pulling the "I call bullshit, there's no such thing as a pleasant birth" on this story. It gets real old seeing everyone call others a liar just because they didn't have similar experiences. Glad to see one topic where nobody is bitching at anyone :)

Carol99 Carol99

I don't believe it.

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