Khloe Kardashian Will Get Pregnant When God Wants Her To

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khloe kardashianWhile Kendall Jenner was out and about modeling for Fashion Week, US Weekly asked her about big sis Khloe's struggles to get pregnant. Kendall was super sympathetic and supportive of Khloe and Lamar.

She's always wanted kids. I can see her being such an amazing mother -- she was like my second mom growing up. She was always around babysitting when my parents were out of town and she has always been there, so it's sad because I know how much she loves kids. But God has a plan; something will happen soon enough.

It's so sweet that Kendall sees her sister as an ideal mother. Khloe really made an impression on her. But leaving it all up to God? Only a teenager! 

We all know that saying, "God helps those who help themselves." I think if "something will happen" any time soon, it'll be because Khloe and Lamar made it happen themselves. God hasn't made anything happen in the baby department since little baby Jesus, know what I mean?

It sounds like Khloe's not ovulating regularly. That means she'll probably need some sort of treatment. Put it this way: Maybe "God's plan" is for Khloe to come up with her own plan. I mean, that's how it usually works. In this life, you have to take active steps to get what you want. And then you put yourself into the hands of your higher power. (Which is really just a way of relaxing and accepting whatever happens.)

Unless by "God" Kendall means the show's producers? Oh sorry, that was too cynical of me! Anyway, I think Khloe should take Kendall's love and support. But as for a plan -- that's all up to her, Lamar, and their fertility doctor.

Do you believe God has a plan for everyone or do we make things happen for ourselves?


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Azale... AzaleaMichelle

Why would you dimish a girls fatih because she's "Only a teenager"? This articles says a lot more about YOU than it does about Kendall.

MamaD... MamaDV1012

This article couldn't be any more offensive about taking part in the miracle of creation. 

Ander... Anderbee28

Ridiculous that you were able to write a whole article bashing a teenage girl on such a simple, cliche statement. And who gives a crap what steps they decide to take anyway, if they do "leave it up to God," that's their deal, not yours. Or are you that concerned that they won't procreate?

Katy Khan

calm down azalea, she was remarking more on childhood innocence than anything else. She's right though, about Khloe and Lamar helping themselves. She's lucky she's trying to have a baby while still in her twenties. It would have been awful had she not sought help until she was in her 40's as so many working moms are doing these days. Then she would have really had an uphill battle.

Tonia Hutchinson

Sounds like the writer of the article does not believe in GOD. Because those that do know HE can get you through anything.

Amanda Monacelli

You should be ashamed! God has a plan for everyone, if you dont believe in that then keep your comments to yourself! I wish Khloe and Lamar all the best of luck, they deserve it! And Kendall, I agree with you!

QTKakes QTKakes

The writer of this article is a douche. She never has anything of substance to say. She's like a mindless teenage groupie. But, obviously she's liked or she wouldn't have this job.

nonmember avatar Shylesha

Kendall is very well spoken and I think it's pretty sad that you took all this time out of your life to snark at Kendall's faith. You speculated a lot in this article so don't YOU think that maybe when Kendall said "something will happen soon", she meant Khloe will get professional help with her fertility issues? Did YOU ever think that not everyone has to agree with an amateur "journalist" when it comes to God or women's health issues? Did YOU ever think that maybe you read too much and not enough into what Kendall was saying, all at the same time, so you missed the whole point of her words? The answer to those questions is probably no, and that's why you're stuck writing about their lives instead of living your own. #pathetic

CPN322 CPN322


Mindy... Mindymama

I love Khloe and know that God is gonna bless her with a baby soon. She must continue having faith.

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