12 Natural but Nutty Sounding Ways Women Try to Get a Breech Baby to Turn

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headstandWhen you start getting close to your due date, and the baby hasn't yet turned, the pressure is on. You want that breech baby to get with the game and flip already lest the doctor have to do it for him ... or worse, a C-section is needed.

Over the years I've heard plenty of things women will do to get a baby to turn. A blogger over at Babble swears that putting frozen peas on the baby's head four times a day for 30 minutes at a time did the trick for her. Brrr, but good for her.

Some swear by their methods, while others try them with no luck. Most of them are probably harmless, but as always, it's best if you speak to your doctor before trying anything. Here are 12 ways women have tried to get a breech baby to turn:

1. Acupuncture.

2. Headstands or handstands. (Be careful!)

3. See a chiropractor, specifically one who can do the Webster Technique.

4. Try a host of exercises with names like "The Abdominal Lift and Tuck" and "Standing Release" via Spinning Babies.

5. Visualization exercises. (If you see it, she will turn?)

6. Swimming. (Maybe try a few handstands while you're in the pool.)

7. Get him or her dancing by playing music with headphones on your stomach.

8. Use a flashlight pointed at your stomach to guide the way to your pelvis. Apparently babies will try to follow the light.

9. Drink orange juice then lay on your side with your hips propped up higher than your feet. The spike of sugar is supposed to get them moving on down.

10. Pulsatilla and other homeopathic therapies. (Definitely good ones to check with your doctor about first).

11. Moxibustion. From Chinese medicine this involves burning some dried leaves over certain acupuncture points -- usually over the spot where the baby's toes are.

12. Get on your hands and knees and scrub the floor. (I'm thinking that's an old wives tale started by a mother-in-law who wanted a clean floor.)

Have you tried any of these? Did they work?


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Malisa Williams

I tried the aversion in the hospital with baby #1 but it did not work, thankfully he turned on his own 2 weeks before the scheduled c-section. Baby #3 was also breech so I did more research with her and found a chiropractor that was trained in the Websters Technique. After the first treatment the baby turned. I continued to go to the chiro the rest of the pregnancy. I have had 3 natural births so far!

Sarah Minto

My baby was breech right up until birth...he literally came out butt first through c-section! My uterus shape physically prevented him from being able to flip head first...he was born a healthy 8.4 lbs! I have never even heard of some of the techniques on the list...the flashlight one made me laugh out loud!! lol

nonmember avatar Sarah

Can I just point out that breech is completely fine to birth vaginally? (I recognize that's not always true)But most doctors just don't want to do the work (they are too lazy). I recommend finding a doctor/midwife who is competent enough to do both (who wants a doctor that was insufficiently trained in a natural birth position?) and then if the baby flips on their own great, and if they dont great! Either way you know you have a GREAT healthcare professional by your side, not some average healthcare professional. Really who WANTS to settle for average? Or worse incompetent?

Alisa Sutherland

We did many of these things. She did turn. By the way, moxibustion is not over the baby's toes, but over the mother's pinky toe.

nonmember avatar Sahara

I used the Spinning Babies techniques around 36 weeks, first the ones to get my ligaments more relaxed and balanced (they would get off-centered from some pelvis issues I had), and then the ones to turn the baby. Two weeks later, he had turned. I'm definitely a big proponent of them now! It was alot less stressful than waiting until the last week "hoping" he would turn, then having doctors try to manually force him through the abdominal wall or end up in a c-section if my doc didn't know how to deliver breech. My midwife knows how to deliver breech, but my State has outlawed breech birth by midwifes, only OB's allowed.

Leigh Thorson Siebert

I was a breech baby and my mother had taken Lamaze classes. The Dr. didn't know I was breech until I was crowning, which, of course, wasn't my crown, but my butt. She said over her dead body was he going to do a c-section. My mother had a big episiotomy, but I was delivered vaginally, naturally. She says it was no big deal. The cord was wrapped around my neck twice. This was, of course, 38 years ago.

Jeremmy Jeremmy

Chiro worked for me.

jessi... jessicasmom1

emergency c section  

nonmember avatar Cara

I was a born butt first 37 years ago. Wnen I was 36 weeks with my son I leaned he was breech. Went to an acupuncturist who did moxibustion (applied heat to my pinky ties)-don't know why it works, but it does, he turned and I pushed him out at 41 weeks.

sally... sallyjohnson48

I never knew about these tricks! I wonder if <a href="http://www.npclinic.org">portland chiropractor</a>s know about this webster technique. My daughter-in-law would love to turn her breeched baby before her due date.

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