12 Natural but Nutty Sounding Ways Women Try to Get a Breech Baby to Turn

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headstandWhen you start getting close to your due date, and the baby hasn't yet turned, the pressure is on. You want that breech baby to get with the game and flip already lest the doctor have to do it for him ... or worse, a C-section is needed.

Over the years I've heard plenty of things women will do to get a baby to turn. A blogger over at Babble swears that putting frozen peas on the baby's head four times a day for 30 minutes at a time did the trick for her. Brrr, but good for her.

Some swear by their methods, while others try them with no luck. Most of them are probably harmless, but as always, it's best if you speak to your doctor before trying anything. Here are 12 ways women have tried to get a breech baby to turn:

1. Acupuncture.

2. Headstands or handstands. (Be careful!)

3. See a chiropractor, specifically one who can do the Webster Technique.

4. Try a host of exercises with names like "The Abdominal Lift and Tuck" and "Standing Release" via Spinning Babies.

5. Visualization exercises. (If you see it, she will turn?)

6. Swimming. (Maybe try a few handstands while you're in the pool.)

7. Get him or her dancing by playing music with headphones on your stomach.

8. Use a flashlight pointed at your stomach to guide the way to your pelvis. Apparently babies will try to follow the light.

9. Drink orange juice then lay on your side with your hips propped up higher than your feet. The spike of sugar is supposed to get them moving on down.

10. Pulsatilla and other homeopathic therapies. (Definitely good ones to check with your doctor about first).

11. Moxibustion. From Chinese medicine this involves burning some dried leaves over certain acupuncture points -- usually over the spot where the baby's toes are.

12. Get on your hands and knees and scrub the floor. (I'm thinking that's an old wives tale started by a mother-in-law who wanted a clean floor.)

Have you tried any of these? Did they work?


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jalaz77 jalaz77

Never did. Babies cord was around his neck. I wasn't going to be selfish and flip him at home where he wouldn't be monitored. OB didn't flip because of the cord. It wasn't the end of the world. So my middle was a c/s....

jkp-buff jkp-buff

Missing from your list is hypnosis. A university study showed that 81% turned in the hypnosis group vs 46% in the control group.

AngryBob AngryBob

i was told the yoga position of downward facing dog (i think) would do the trick. i had my baby breech at 41 weeks, and they were going to flip him the next day, so i tried it. not for very long. didn't work. but they flipped him and it was successful, so they induced me, and a few hours later, i had him in my arms. this time, i found a doctor that has experience in delivering breech babies, instead of just copping out and cutting a woman open.

tecsa... tecsabates

Lol at number 8...not being mean but I immediately pictured my cat trying to catch the red dot from the laser pointer......

Ooftacat Ooftacat


Jen Tierney

We tried everything, even the flashlight technique and moxibustion to no avail. My midwives explained breech is just a variation of normal, and that it is possible to give birth vaginally even with a breech baby. Women in other countries do it all the time, no c-sections needed. Our baby had a very short cord which was also wrapped around her neck, so it was physically impossible for her to turn around - sometimes there is a physiological reason a baby stays breech. I read everything I could find on breech births to assess all my options. There is a midwife in Australia who has an amazing breech birth video online. My three very skilled midwives had performed breech births before, and after 3 minutes of pushing, I gave birth to a beautiful breech daughter, no complications whatsoever. Do your own research to get informed and know all your options if baby won't turn. There are hospitals who will allow you a "trial" of vaginal birth with a breech baby, usually with older doctors or foreign doctors. Obstetricians haven't been trained in the U.S. in breech birth since the 1970s, another reason for the skyrocketing c-section rates, as breech accounts for roughly 10% of all pregnancies.

nonmember avatar Tonya

I tried numbers 1,5,6,7,8,11.
I tried the aversion, done by the docs in the hospital, it was really painful. I ended up having a c-section..

Caroline Kernahan

Tried all of them except orange juice. Didn't work. C section. :(

Lois Amanda Brett

My breech baby turned thanks to the webster technique followed by an evening of "spinning babies" recommended maneuvers. I felt him flip that night (my uterine ligaments were too tight for him to be head down comfortably but the chiro fixed that) and he was born a couple weeks later at  42 weeks and 10.4 lbs. After that experience, I'm a huge fan of using the gentle techniques for turning breech babies. It can be done, gently and safely!

Aloisi2 Aloisi2

I had a homebirth, and my baby was breech until in labor, with my water broken I laid on my left side to relax and encourage him to turn with the contractions, and he did! It was a long labor, but nature knew what it was doing and if I had've rushed it anymore, he might not have turned. Who knows. . .

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