Levi Johnston & Sunny Oglesby Give Baby a Name That Makes Us Go 'Hmmm'

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BerettaWell, they actually went ahead and did it. Earlier this year Bristol Palin's ex, Levi Johnston, and his girlfriend Sunny Oglesby said they were planning to give their baby an unusual (to put it mildly) name.

But she was only five months along then, and we thought it was probably just pregnancy hormones, or a trick to throw people off of the real (normal) name they were going to bestow on their daughter. But nope, they were dead serious.

Earlier today they welcomed their daughter into their arms with the name that celebrates the right to bear arms. Ready?

It's Breeze. Breeze Beretta Johnston.

I know. It's one of those names that's met with dead silence for a minute or two while people try not to laugh and ask if you're joking or drop their jaw in shock/horror. When they realize you're not kidding, that's usually followed by something like, "Oh ... wow, how ... unique!"

It's not the worst name in the world. Breeze has a certain nice, light, and airy quality. But add the middle name, which is a popular Italian gun, and all I can think about is the saying about shooting the breeze. Not so good.

And the whole thing together just kind of screams stripper, no? 

In the end though, it's their kid, and their choice what to name her. On the positive side, it's probably going to serve them well when she's dating, as guys will know she has a dad crazy enough to give her a name like that.

The real question though -- is it better or worse than brother Tripp's name?

What do you think of the name Breeze Beretta? Better or worse than Tripp?


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nonmember avatar kaerae

Breeze is as bad as Beretta. Do people even picture their kids as professional adults when they come up with these asinine monikers??

Celia... Celiacelia

no me gusta, but i guess. i agree with the above poster, im hoping that kid doesnt catch a lot of flack for it

cassi... cassie19831

My sons name is Tripp so obviously I like that name. I think if the name means something to the parents it their choice. People make far to much fuss over names. Names are what you make them and they don't define anyone. I don't judge based on names. I think it's cool they found a name that was special to them.

cassi... cassie19831

FYI I named my son before Palin named hers but its not an uncommon name.

madsm... madsmom314

Went to high school with a girl named Breeze. She actually IS a stripper now!

Doomy234 Doomy234

I dont like the name Breeze, but I think Beretta is a pretty unique name.

Courtney Puzzo

these two idiots shouldn't even be allowed to have children let alone name them what happened to giving your daughter a respectable name like Chantel Joanne Katherine Marissa Natalia or Susan and as for the middle name who cares they're hardly ever used. for example Eleanor Theresa Newman is better known as Nell which is a common diminutive form of Eleanor or Natalie Wood's real name was Natalia Nikolavena Zakharenko though her dad changed it to Gurdin before her baby sister Lana was born and she'd already had her screen name of Wood.

jessi... jessicasmom1

oh another baby for Levi geeezz wake up 

Sevys... SevysMomma

I actually love that name. The people I can't stand. 

nonmember avatar Michelle

Her parents are named Levi and Sunny...the kid is already screwed.

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