Evidence of Kate Middleton's Pregnancy Is Astounding


kate middletonKate Middleton Pregnancy Watch 2012 got you down? Don't fret, a new detail hints that Waitie Katie may be preggers. Star Magazine is calling it, blazing across the cover of their latest issue: IT'S OFFICIAL! KATE'S PREGNANT.

Squee! At long last. I just can't wait to hear about the not-so-top-secret palace preparations, the "mommy" weight Kate is ever so cheerfully gaining, and the "baby name that shocked the Queen." Durr, are they naming the wee babe after her newly deceased corgi, Monty?

And by the way, Star Magazine, how do you know Kate's pregnant?

Here is the evidence of Kate' pregnancy: A photo of the back of her dress showing clear evidence that the waist has been let out an inch. See it there? Scroll down to the pic of Kate in the pink dress, the inset photo with the big arrow pointing to that ribbon waistband with the weird stitching? That's the proof! That. Is. Your. Proof.

(Sound of air hissing out of helium balloons)

Honestly, you guys got me out of bed for this? Kate might let out the waist of her dress for any number of reasons -- like maybe she's trying to put on weight so people will stop accusing her of skinniness. Or maybe that's actually evidence that she got the waist taken in even more. Or maybe it's just clumsy stitching! We don't know.

I feel so let down! And I was just about to set up the Will and Kate Baby-Naming Office Pool, too. Dangit. I'm gonna need more proof than this. C'mon Star Magazine, is that all you've got? Not even an image of Kate with a curious stomach-area shadow that looks like a baby bump? A story about her refusing to eat sushi? Video of Kate pretending to sip champagne? ANYTHING AT ALL THAT LOOKS LIKE ACTUAL, RELIABLE EVIDENCE?

No? Fine. Back to Kate Middleton Pregnancy Watch 2012, where a young woman's every tailoring detail is scrutinized by obsessed lunatics hoping to scoop the story of the century decade year moment.

Do you think this is really evidence that Kate is pregnant or is it just more silly hype?


Image via Star Magazine

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nonmember avatar Rachel

You'd think a princess would have a better tailor...

MomLi... MomLily67

HAHAA, Rachel that is funny!! maybe she did it herself....

If iwere pregnant eveytime I let out an inch from my clothes or use a rubber band from the eyelet to the button, hahaha


nonmember avatar Zoe Alexander

Obviously another ploy by Star to get more readership interest! But yes we are all waiting with interest for the official announcement.

poshkat poshkat

We all know that if they have a girl her name will be Diana.

Alway... AlwaysExpecting

I doubt it will be Diana if it is a girl. For some reason I feel that the royals are trying to distance themselves from the tragedy. Meh just my opinion though. 

I be the sash was taken in last minute and that is why it looks so sloppy.

nonmember avatar Jessica

I won't believe a Dutchess of Cambridge (she's not Kate Middleton anymore, she got married) pregnancy story until the palace comfirms it.

odessie odessie

They are probably waiting for second trimester when it's safer to announce. Most new mom's don't want to chance it. I think she is - she is wearing camouflage clothes! that pattern is meant to distract from her belly and you can see it already! 

Deann... Deanna2872

Thank you for saying something, Jessica. It's incredibly disrespectful for people to just keep calling her 'Kate Middleton', when she is not.

nonmember avatar Jodie

She isn't pregnant . she never has been. She has spoke about the rumours personally , plus she drinks alcohol , either she is a really good liar and doesn't care about her baby or these rumours are complete bull

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