Woman Pregnant 13 Times Gives Every Baby Away

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pregnantBeing a surrogate mother has got to be one of the most selfless acts I can imagine. To give over your body to nurture and grow a baby that will never be yours and go through the birth process for someone you will likely never know is an incredible sacrifice and act of kindness. To do it once is amazing, but to do it 13 times is unbelievable.

That's just what Carole Horlock is preparing to do, however. According to The Sun, the 46-year-old mother is pregnant with the 13th baby that she'll deliver and immediately hand over to another couple as she has with the previous 12. She holds the world's record as "the most prolific surrogate mother," and to date, she has delivered eight girls and four boys, including one set of triplets and one set of twins.

Why would someone do this? I mean pregnancy is no easy gig no matter how you look at it. Thinking of her doing it 13 times for someone else makes me wince ... and feel like a wimp when I think to how much complaining I did throughout my two pregnancies. Harlow, who has two grown daughters of her own, says she loves being pregnant. While she receives some money for expenses, it's not about that. It's about making a difference in people's lives. She told the paper she first heard about surrogacy in 1995 while she was working in a launderette.

I was never going to change anybody’s life working in a launderette but becoming a surrogate has enabled me to look back and think I’ve done that and helped so many couples. Although I was still in my twenties I was divorced with two girls — one just a year old. I had loved carrying my babies and I couldn’t imagine how devastating it would be not to be able to have kids.

She says each baby has been handed over to its parents immediately, and that she doesn't ever bond with the babies while she's pregnant. That seems hard to believe, but seeing as how she continues to do it, she must be able to somehow block or overcome that attachment. She said the only thing she asks for from the parents after the birth is a letter and photograph each year so she knows how the children are doing.

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Unfortunately her acts of kindness haven't been completely without problems. In 2004 she gave a couple a baby that turned out to be one she conceived with her own husband accidentally. They had been using condoms after she was inseminated, but DNA tests showed that didn't work. Can you imagine?!

While she said it was incredibly traumatic, she decided to let the other couple keep the child. She didn't let it stop her either, and after her husband got a vasectomy, she soon she was pregnant with triplets.

She says while people question her motives -- and I agree it's difficult not to -- she really just loves being pregnant and making couples' family dreams come true. So I'm casting my skepticism aside and saying good for her. I can't imagine doing what she does, but I'm sure each family she helped create will be eternally grateful that she did.

Do you think you could ever serve as a surrogate for someone? Can you imagine doing it for 13 babies?


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MrsNe... MrsNewman

I love being pregnant, I could see myself doing it IF I could have vaginal births. But because I have c-sections its not something i'll ever do. 

Dana Sullivan

You may want to proofread this article. I don't see what the big deal is, either. She's helping people who could probably otherwise not be parents. 

cmjaz cmjaz

She gave away her own baby out of guilt?? Wow

Ella Rucker

Now that is an exceptional way to change someone else's life. Kudos!


It's all about knowing what you want.  If she just wanted to carry the babies, the bonding doesn't happen and for some moms (me) it doesn't really happen until after the birth any way.  I can't imagine giving away my own baby, but she must really not have bonded at all or wanted any more of her children.  Amazing.

Karen Regan

i couldn't if i wanted to but would love to have kids. i have endometriosis.

Dana Sullivan

cmjaz, try actually reading the article.

Aunt_... Aunt_ning

Technically she was not pregnant 13 times, but still it is a wonderful thing she is doing

nonmember avatar Anonymous

That was something i wouldve done for others if asked. but being i had five c sections i couldnt thats awesome. but idk about givin my own up during that process it would be hard to let go

Lana Jefferys

surrogates generally get around $20 thousand a pop....  makes it pretty hard to believe that "it's not about the money"

Elizabeth Hohne Benton

@Karen Regan, just to let you know, you can have kids. i am a walking example of that. I was diagnosed at 16 with endometriosis, and i have to handsome little boys. They say getting pregnant and having kids will help it go away.
And this women is a God send to want to do this for other couples, that can't carry children themselves.

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