Amber Rose Is Pregnant but All Eyes Are on Kim Kardashian (VIDEO)

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Wow, time sure flies. I could swear it was just a minute ago that model and singer Amber Rose was blaming her failed relationship with Kanye West on Kim Kardashian, saying Kim was cheating with Kanye throughout their relationship. Which would never happen! Because Kim is totally NOT attracted to Kanye. Oh, wait ... riiiiight.

Well, Amber didn't blubber about it for too long because wham bam! then she was engaged to rapper Wiz Khalifa and Instagramming out her BIG bad ass engagement ring. Take that, Kim! But now Amber has done one better on Kim again ... she's pregnant! Yes, she and Wiz announced on the VMA red carpet (where else?) that the couple are expecting. And you'll have to see Wiz do his little happy dance. But I have to wonder ... does this mean a little Kimye could appear in the near future?

Not that women get competitive about having babies. Do they? No, of course not. But let's pretend they do. So Amber Rose is dating Kanye and claims that Kim is the reason she and Kanye broke up. And then Kim gets married. And that breaks up. And then Kim's with Kanye. And then Amber's engaged. And now Amber's pregnant.

So that totally proves that Kim's competitive instinct will kick in and she'll try to have a baby with Kanye. Didn't I just prove it? Read that again, people.

But Kim did say that she and Kanye are "permanent" and that she envisions Kanye being husband #3 (aww) and having kids with him. So it's not crazy that this could happen sooooon. And maybe even sooner thanks to Amber, cause nothing gets those eggs a droppin' and those sperm a waggin' like a little competition, amiright?

But congrats to Amber and Wiz. They really do look madly in love and ecstatic to be pregnant. How cute!

Do you think Amber's pregnancy will spur Kim on to have a baby?

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linzemae linzemae

Speculation much? GEez

Noctu... NocturnesAngel

I feel bad for Wiz. He just doesn't know what he got himself into with Amber Rose.

Poor guy... SMH

SoJaided SoJaided

These pictures remind me how truly different women's bodies react to pregnancy. I'm also due in January (on the 2nd) like her and don't even look look pregnant. Wish I had a bit more belly like Amber lol

mamivon2 mamivon2

oh geeze.

jessi... jessicasmom1

LOL poor WIZ , Amber is a wild one

Jenn Burns

no lol

nonmember avatar News Pakistan

Kim Kardashian is pregnant confirmed by Kanye west

nonmember avatar Nycbk

Kim's pregnant. You called it.

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