Conceptionmoons: Taking a Vacation Could Get You Pregnant

couple at sunsetYou've all heard of the honeymoon -- the trip you go on when you first get married to celebrate your union and enjoy some uninterrupted one-on-one time with the man you married. (Also known as the best 10 sex days of your life.) Then came the babymoon -- a last-ditch vacation effort by expectant parents to have some quality time alone before their bundle of joy arrives and everything changes. (Also known as the last 10 days of uninterrupted sleep you will ever have.)

Both seem like completely logical reasons to take a vacation. I’m all over that.

But have you heard about the latest "moon" couples are taking? Yup, the "conceptionmoon" is gaining in popularity.


They do make sense. A romantic getaway with your partner in a relaxing setting, just so happening to coincide with your ovulation, may be the best idea since sliced bread, and I’m pretty positive it might be the best sex since your honeymoon. (Maybe you’ll end up with a little sand in your crack, but overall, it could be just what the doctor ordered.) It’s a romantic getaway designed with the sole purpose of getting you knocked up. It’s pretty awesome.

I am imagining sex under waterfalls, on the beach, on a mountain, on top of a volcano, or in a field of lilies. Coitus uninterruptus and no distractus may be just what you need to jump-start the baby-making machine. If sunshine, sand, and fruity drinks are involved, then so be it. I’m in.

My husband and I actually got pregnant with our first on our fifth year wedding anniversary trip to a romantic boutique hotel in New Orleans. We were relaxed and having a great time and then BAM! Baby on board. Seems we had our own conceptionmoon without even knowing it. (I blame Pat O’Brien Hurricanes and 5 for 1 beers at the Red Rhino.) Conception moons are the same thing, just more carefully planned -- and probably with a lot less strange boobs thrown in the mix.

Did you go on a conceptionmoon to conceive? Would you?

Image via Mike Baird/Flickr

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