Pregnancy Is Making Holly Madison Frumpy

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Holly MadisonLast week we learned that former Playboy bunny and Girls Next Door star Holly Madison is pregnant. That was a pretty big shock considering she's only been dating her baby daddy, Pasquale Rotella, for nine months, but we're generally happy for her. What no one should be happy about, however, is how this pregnancy is transforming her wardrobe. 

She was recently spotted out and about in the getup you see here. There are so many things wrong with this picture, it's hard to know where to start, but let's go with those PAJAMA PANTS she's sporting. Right there in public, in broad daylight.

She's clearly jumped aboard the frump train early, and someone needs to get her off it now. It's all too easy to ride that thing far too long and find yourself a permanent member of the not-so-exclusive pajama mama club that already has far too many disheveled members.

Look, I'm all for pregnant women being comfortable. Those who strut around in sky-high heels (yes, Snooki I'm looking at you) are just gluttons for pain, but there is no excuse for pajama pants to be worn in public. Ever. Okay unless you're 2, and your mom doesn't have time to get you dressed before she has to get to your big brother's school, but for grown women -- pregnant or not -- it's just a big fat no.

I get that you may not feel well and are tired, but pregnancy isn't the time to stop caring about what you look like. While your partner hopefully loves you no matter what, all of the changes at hand can be overwhelming for him. If he starts thinking this is the end of you ever caring about how you look again, he may be a little concerned. And this is a HUGE change for the former glamour puss.

More importantly, it's just good for your own self esteem to keep up your appearance while you're pregnant -- and trust me, NO pair of pajama pants is ever going to enhance your appearance. Your body goes through so many uncontrollable changes that whatever you can control -- like the clothes you put on your body -- should be made with care. I think I put more effort into what I looked like while I was pregnant than ever before in my life because I was so scared of becoming that frumpy, disheveled mom. And if you start that look during pregnancy with the ultimate I've-given-up look that are pajama pants, the road ahead looks bleak my friend.

Hopefully this was just a one-time offense for Holly. While we don't need to see her strutting around in cocktail dresses, there are plenty of cute, comfy maternity looks out there. Hopefully she can at least step things up and get a nice pair of maternity yoga pants or, if all else fails, some pajama jeans.

Did you become more or less frumpy when you became pregnant?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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jalaz77 jalaz77

Every once in a while you have to be comfortable. I felt more comfortable being pregnant. I don't see the big deal. Now you see young girls wearing uugs and sweatpants because Pam Anderson thought that was pretty cool to do about 10 years ago. The whole look they're trying to pull off like "look at me I didn't get ready but I put on all the make-up and did my hair to put sweats and uugs on?!? That drives me insane. At least Holly is being real.

Beth Wankel

Since when does wearing a pair of plaid cotton pants in public mean you've fallen into the abyss of not caring at all any more or ever again about how you look? And, keeping up self-esteem? I don't know I suppose, but from the picture you provided, girlfriend looks like her self-esteem is fully intact. Why people put so much time and effort into criticizing what others wear is beyond me. YES IT IS OK TO WEAR PAJAMAS IN PUBLIC. It's her choice, not yours. Just because you wouldn't do it doesn't make it some kind of taboo. What is this, high school?

abra819 abra819

Eh....I always dressed when I went out. I would never wear this outfit out. Not because I'm a snob, but because you feel better when your dressed up. If I didn't fel good, there was always yoga pants and a tank top. Whatever floats her boat though.

Net1957 Net1957

Well, she certainly looks comfortable anyway!

linzemae linzemae

Wouldn't she go out in character stuff to begin with? I think calling her frumpy is incredibly rude. If she was wearing what she normally wears I'm sure you would be calling her trash for showing off cleavage.


I think she looks cute and comfy. She obviously feels good enough about herself not to give a rats behind what other people think. I find that refreshing in today's judgmental times where people say mean things about people for no reason.

Waag Waag

I don't think what she is wearing should even be questioned I'm pregnant and the only thing that fits are sweats and yoga pants so guess what I wear everyday except for 1 dress that I have to wear heels with and heels are very uncomfortable right now so no thank you and maternity clothes don't fit so I'm happy to see other people wear comfortable clothes when pregnant its bad enough wearing a bra right now

Heath... HeatherMazzone

I wore sweats and pajamas most of my pregnancy. I feel like that's the one time when a woman should get a hall pass to wear whatever the fuck she feels like wearing. As long as she's comfortable, that should be all that matters. Not other peoples opinions about it. Her choice of wardrobe shouldn't even be questioned.

effinjen effinjen

Who cares what she wears? What's the big deal anyway? Why do we always have to conform to what hollywood thinks is hot? I do what I want!

nonmember avatar sarah

when you are pregnant there are so many restrictions on what you can and cant do, dressing should not be one of those. if she wantes to wear pajamas i say have at it. if i could wear them to work i would and i am 37 weeks pregnant. BTW its hard to dress up when nothing you own fits you, it just makes you feel worse about yourself

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