30 Hurricane-Inspired Baby Names

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hurricaneHurricanes aren't exactly the most friendly weather phenomenons in existence, which is actually kind of surprising given the lovely, seemingly innocent names most of them are given. Take Hurricane Isaac, for example, which has wreaked havoc on the Gulf Coast over the past few days. Considering that Isaac is a biblical name, it doesn't sound like something you'd typically associate with Mother Nature's fury.

Actually, the traditional Hebrew name means "he will laugh," which sounds light and fun as opposed to heavy and destructive.

Thankfully, Isaac didn't affect New Orleans as bad as originally predicted (thank God it wasn't another Katrina), though there are quite a few people there who are still without power. And as strange as it may sound, you have to wonder how many babies have been conceived this week because couples don't really have much else to do besides "get cozy" while waiting out the storm.

Come next May, will we see a rise in the number of baby boys named Isaac, as a tribute to when they were conceived? It's definitely possible.

Believe it or not, checking out lists of past hurricanes is actually a great place to find a suitable and fun name for your baby.

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Here are 30 of the best names inspired by hurricanes over the past few decades.

  1. Ione -- 1955
  2. Helene -- 1958
  3. Alma -- 1966
  4. Camille -- 1969
  5. Ginger -- 1971
  6. Eloise -- 1975
  7. Belle -- 1976
  8. Gloria -- 1985
  9. Hugo -- 1989
  10. Bob -- 1991
  11. Andrew -- 1992
  12. Opal -- 1995
  13. Georges -- 1998
  14. Bonnie -- 1998
  15. Floyd -- 1999
  16. Fabian -- 2003
  17. Isabel -- 2003
  18. Ivan -- 2004
  19. Gaston -- 2004
  20. Charley -- 2004
  21. Ophelia -- 2005
  22. Rita -- 2005
  23. Stan -- 2005
  24. Wilma -- 2005
  25. Katrina -- 2005
  26. Felix -- 2007
  27. Humberto -- 2007
  28. Gustav -- 2008
  29. Ike -- 2008
  30. Irene -- 2011

Would you consider naming your baby after a hurricane?


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.Musi... .Music.Momma.

Yes I would. You forgot Hurricane Carmen from 1974 (that's my name)

nonmember avatar hwin

My little boy's name is Isaac and its hilarious to read all the headlines proclaiming Isaac's destruction. Fits my little tyke perfectly. I plan to clip some for funny scrapbook headings.

Heather Duso Johnson

I was going to mention Carmen as a friend of mine was born during it and that's her name!  And she had her daughter during Hurricane Isabel, guess what she named the baby?

nonmember avatar Katrina

As a pregnant woman who lives in New Orleans and is named Katrina, I'd say don't name your baby after a hurricane. I've heard a lot of nasty comments over the last 7 years and since I'm 38 weeks along, I've had several suggestions to name my son Isaac :)

Courtney Puzzo

duh a hurricane can send a pregnant woman into labor any stressful event can, as for naming the kid after a hurricane it's not uncommon depending on the name of the storm

fleur... fleurdelys3110

I think it's pretty distasteful to name a baby after a hurricane, particularly a really destructive one. If you happen to like a name like Katrina for example, then name your baby that. But don't do it because that hurricane happened to bring destruction to millions.

jrphelps jrphelps

My son's name is Ike.  Although he was NOT named after the hurricane!!  We named him after my late father in law.

nonmember avatar Noname

My 6 year old's name is Isaac, he thought it was the coolest thing ever that someone named a hurricane after him, lol.

LoveM... LoveMissQ

They forgot Hurricane Elena 1985, the one I was named after!

nonmember avatar Zuri

I think there was a Hurricane Ezekiel a few years ago. My brother's name is Ezekiel. He wasn't named for the hurricane (already 5 at the time), but it was pretty funny. I was like "Really? There's a Hurricane Ezekiel EVERY DAY in my house. Why is this time any different?" Oh, and Rita was my grandmother's name, and she died in 2005... that would've been funny if she hadn't just died.

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