Holly Madison Is Pregnant By a Man She Really Doesn't Know (VIDEO)

Holly MadisonWow. That sure didn't take long. After only nine months of dating her boyfriend Pasquale Rotella, former Playboy bunny and Girls Next Door star Holly Madison is pregnant with her first child.

She excitedly announced the news to US Weekly and said, "I've always wanted to be a mom. But I thought it would take longer."

I think we can assume she meant she thought it would take longer to actually conceive a baby, not that she figured she'd be with her man for a longer period of six months before getting knocked up.


Yes, I know they've been dating for nine months and I swear I'm not mathematically challenged. You see, Holly is 12 weeks pregnant, which means that she and Pasquale actually decided to have a baby together after only six months of dating.

And even though I'm happy for her and wish her the best and all that good stuff, I can't help but think she may have rushed into things just a bit. I guess I can sort of understand why she'd be in a hurry to become a mom considering she's 33 years old and all, but how much can you really learn about a person in six months before deciding to bite the bullet and have a baby with him?

Sharing a child together is a huge responsibility, and making the transition from being a couple to being parents can be pretty stressful, which often takes its toll on the relationship. It's so important to have a solid foundation before jumping into baby making, and even though some pregnancies aren't exactly expected, based on Holly's comments, it sounds like this one was planned. And I just can't help but wonder if she really thought this thing out before deciding he was the right guy to be the father of her baby.

Hopefully Pasquale and Holly's relationship will only be strengthened by going through pregnancy together and tackling the adventure of becoming new parents. But I wouldn't advise using her as an example for how long to wait before considering having a baby with your boyfriend.

Check out this video clip to hear more about Holly's pregnancy.

Do you think Holly rushed into getting pregnant? How long did you and your partner know each other before conceiving?

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