Mom Gives Birth Alone Because Nurse Needed a Nap

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hospital bedA woman in Botswana found herself in a very scary predicament when she wound up having to give birth to her baby all alone because her nurse decided to go take a nap. (What the heck?!) Thirty-six-year-old Neo Morotsi screamed for assistance in her hospital bed at Serowe’s Sekgoma Memorial Hospital, but ultimately wound up delivering her baby on her own as her cries went unanswered.

After her traumatic ordeal, she found out the nurse had decided getting a few z's was more important than helping her bring her baby into the world, so she did what any irate mother would do and confronted her.

But instead of apologizing over and over again and begging for forgiveness, Neo said, "She blamed me for the whole incident, saying that I wanted to cause trouble for her."

And as it turns out, Neo wasn't the only expectant mom in the maternity ward that day who had trouble getting help from this very same nurse. Two other moms were also forced to give birth by themselves because she was nowhere to be found.

All I want to know is how on earth this lady is still employed by that hospital after neglecting those women the way she did! As any mom will tell you, labor and delivery nurses can make or break your experience when you're having a baby. When I gave birth to my son, my night nurse was absolutely wonderful and treated me with care and respect, but the daytime nurse was a nasty witch (yes, I'm being kind) and did nothing but roll her eyes and raise her voice every time I got weary or complained the slightest bit. Thankfully, my little guy held off until the night nurse came back for her shift, so my experience was somewhat salvaged.

But this poor woman in Botswana will probably feel the stress and trauma of giving birth to her baby all alone for years to come, all because her nurse thought taking a nap was more important than doing her job.

Have you ever for one second worried that your nurses wouldn't be attentive during your baby's birth?


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Lovin... LovinJerseyMama

That's terrible. Hopefully that nurse will get fired at some point before someone gets hurt by her ignorance or laziness. When I was giving birth to my second child, with no epidural and she was over 9lbs no less, the nurse actually had the audacity to tell me to stop moaning so loudy as I was pushing. I wanted to reach across the bed and knock her out but fortunately for her I was concentrating on pushing my baby out. Sometimes people need to quit their jobs and find a new profession when they get burned out, or take a long vaca at least.

nonmember avatar Victoria

I am in no way condoning what that nurse did, but at the same time I wonder what we don't know. Nurses rarely work 8hour shifts in America. Many work 12 or 16 hour shifts, often with out breaks (yes, even the ones they are legally entitled to) and many use their lunch break as a nap time (if they get it). Some health care workers actually work much longer shifts, with scheduled sleep breaks. I know in America most hospitals are actually very understaffed in the nursing dept.

But this is in Botswana. I don't know about nurses in Botswana or their labor laws. Is it possible this nurse had been working for an unsafe number of hours? Or that she was actually on a scheduled break? That doesn't excuse the fact that this woman was alone, but unless we know all the facts we cant say or sure whether the nurse or the facility is really to blame.

Beth Morgan

This is no excuse for this. 2 mothers all by themselves? Horrible.

Nikki Wilson

Fire that women . i would have told her off big time when it comes to my kids i would have yelled and if she din`t like it i would have called her over and smack the b**** and said with my eye`s wide open .. there a pragnet in labor just beat you dumb a$$ ...

nonmember avatar Lou Ann

As an RN and mother of 5, which were 9#, 8#, 6'10 oz, 10#, and 10'8oz, I had a nursefor my 4th baby kept telling me calm down, I still had hours to go until I finally cussed her out, tolp

Leah Denise Presley-Fox

I don't care what the reason was. As a nurse she has a job to do, and she should have done it. That woman could have lost her baby, then we'd be lookin at it the way it should be looked at. WRONG! I know from personal expierience that a labor can go from normal to emergency in the matter of a second. Had I been in her situation my son would have died. It doesn't matter if it is a what if...that's to big of a what if to risk. Its human decency that should have kept that nurse on her feet doing her job to help keep the mother calm and  to make sure the delivery is going normally from start to finish and addressing a problem if it should arrise. It is two lives hanging in the balance, theres no good excuse to risk that.

Buffy... Buffymom9

I thought this whole article was something out of The Onion. When I realized the article was genuine I searched for some traumatic outcome. When I learned that the shock and trauma was merely giving birth on her own I realized how far we have come as a society in our inability to birth with confidence in our own abilities.

Tawanna Thomas Thomas

crazy she needs to be fired no excusse for this pepole die haveing babys

nonmember avatar Pattie Watkins

My sister had a similar incident but the woman that decided it was nap time was her mid-wife. She was nowhere to be found when it was time for my sister to push and the nurses did most of the work until she finally came in and told them to move.

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