Grandma Gives Birth to Her Own Grandson (VIDEO)

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Linda Sirois and Angel HebertWhen Angel Hebert, 25, found out she couldn't have biological children of her own, she was devastated. Because of a heart condition, she knew it might be a possibility that she couldn't, but when doctors gave the final word to her and her husband, Brian Hebert, 29, last summer, it was a heartbreaking blow for them.

Then she thought of her mother, Linda Sirois, 49, who all along had told her daughter that if it came to this, she would be happy to be a surrogate mother for her. So here it had come to it, and Angel made the call. She told The Portland Press Herald, "I called her last summer and I'm like, 'So, you know that offer you've been offering? Is that offer still on the table?'"

Sirois said it was indeed still on the table, and she jumped into action calling fertility clinics around Maine where she lived. She told the paper that many of them rejected her because of her age, but finally she found one in Lexington, Mass., that was up for the job as long as she passed some tests.

Pass them she did and soon one of her daughter's eggs, which was fertilized by Angel's husband's sperm, was implanted inside of her. She told the Bangor Daily News, "I couldn't see them going through life without a child, while I am capable of helping them. It's only nine months for me to give them a child for life. I knew it could be done."

All went well. It was her fifth pregnancy, and she said that with no morning sickness and no other small children to raise, it was her easiest pregnancy yet. Then on August 13 Madden Hebert entered the world weighing 7 pounds, 14 ounces. His parents were there to welcome him. How incredible is that?

I can't imagine a more amazing gift to give your daughter. As mothers we want to do anything we can to ease our children's pain and make them happy, but too often as they grow older and issues become more complicated, we're unable to do so. This is such an incredible example of a mother's love, and what a special bond Madden and she will have for life. Sirois, however, just sees it as part of her job as a grandmother.

I just saw it as I was babysitting for a few months. It was their child all along. It was just a room for rent.

Would you serve as your child's surrogate? Would you want your mother to serve as yours?

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early... earlybird11

My mother and I spoke about this as well when I was younger and had some issues with my ' female ' organs. we had the testing done very early so that we would.all be in the same boat, as my mom was 30 years older then me. I would absolutley take my mother up on it but luckily, we were not in that boat. I would do it for my kid in a heartbeat

Stephanie Brace

without even thinking twice i would do it. such an amazing thing this mother did for her daughter, it honestly brought a tear to my eye. 

CPN322 CPN322

Wow, what a wonderful mother!!!

corri... corrinacs

Wow, this was very uplifting.  I am glad they were able to work out that fantastic arrangment!  And what a beautiful baby!

kjbug... kjbugsmom1517

Not even a doubt about it id do it for my girls. I however have to say i wouldnt let my mom do this only because she smokes. Never quit in any of her pregnancies.

LKRachel LKRachel

What an incredible gift!!!

Saerise Saerise

He's gorgeous! I sent this to my mom. I know if she could, she would do that for me.

Meghan Kohanski

i was going to do the same for my brother and his wife..but when i bring it up to ppl they say it gross becuz hes my brother

Heather Yocum

This is truely a beautiful story.  Im so glad that the mother did that for her daughter. 

cherylam cherylam

I would do this for my daughter, in less than a heartbeat.  She came very close to losing her life having her daughter, and thankfully she won't do it again, but if I had to, to give her a child.... no question.

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